The Emergence of the South Lebanon Security Belt

Major Saad Haddad and the Ties with Israel, 1975-1978

by Beate Hamizrachi

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April 1988


Pages 221
Volumes 1
Size 6x9
Topics Race and Ethnicity/Middle Eastern American Studies

In this unique and informative new volume, Beate Hamizrachi offers a fascinating examination of the emergence of the Israeli-controlled Security Belt and the rise of Lebanese Major Saad Haddad in South Lebanon. The detailed descriptions of events and people, often based on the author's personal experience, in the Lebanese kaleidoscope will give scholars, students, decision-makers, and journalists a better understanding of the ongoing internal struggle and the external pressures in Lebanon.

Table of Contents

Lebanon: The Land and Its PeopleThe First Arab-Israeli War and the Emergence of the PalestiniansThe Civil War of 1958The Six-Days-War, 1967The P.L.O. and the Cairo AgreementThe Yom Kippur War, 1973The Lebanese System under Strain: From Kiriat Shmonah to Ein RumanehThe Disintegration of the Lebanese ArmyFrom Beirut to Marj AyounThe Consolidation of the Eastern SectorThe Western SectorThe Awakening of the ShiitesThe Battles of Taibe and El KhiamFurther Expansion: Shuba and El MeriOperation CooperativeSyrian and Other Efforts to Influence HaddadThe Litani OperationThe Deployment of UNIFILAppendixesIndex

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