Early Childhood Education

An International Encyclopedia

by Rebecca S. New and Moncrieff Cochran, editors


A landmark contribution to the field, this four-volume compendium addresses key historical and contemporary issues, research, theoretical perspectives, national policies and practices in early childhood education and care.

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January 2007


Pages 1448
Volumes 4
Size 7x10
Topics Current Events and Issues/Education
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Early childhood education has reached a level of unprecedented national and international focus. Parents, policy makers, and politicians have opinions as well as new questions about what, how, when, and where young children should learn. Teachers and program administrators now find curriculum discussions linked to dramatic new understandings about children's early learning and brain development. Early childhood education is also a major topic of concern internationally, as social policy analysts point to its role in a nation's future economic outlook. As a groundbreaking contribution to its field, this four-volume handbook discusses key historical and contemporary issues, research, theoretical perspectives, national policies, and practices.


  • A wealth of information provides the user with up-to-date expert entries on a plethora of topics.
  • Over three hundred entries in volumes 1, 2, and 3 cover such topics as:
  • accountability
  • assessment
  • biculturalism
  • bullying
  • child abuse
  • early intervention
  • ethnicity
  • Head Start
  • No Child Left Behind
  • Zero to three


  • Volume IV covers the international structure and policies of early childhood education outside of the U.S. via narrative chapters on industrialized and developing nations. Alphabetically arranged entries review selected topics in more detail. Cross-references and further readings provide a research base for diverse users. Countries covered include Australia, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
Table of Contents

Volume I:PrefaceAcknowledgmentsIntroductionGuide to Related TopicsAbecedarian ProgramAcademicsAccreditation of Early Childhood ProgramsAct for Better Child Care (ABC)Action ResearchAddams, Jane (1860-1935)AdoptionAdvocacy and Leadership in Early Childhood EducationAlmy, Millie (1915-2001)American Associate Degree Early Childhood Educators (ACCESS)Ashton-Warner, Sylvia (1908-1984)Assessment in Early ChildhoodAssessment, Visual ArtAssociation for Childhood Education International (ACEI)Association for Constructivist Teaching (ACT)AttachmentAttention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)AutismBandura, Albert (1925- )Bank StreetBehaviorismBehavior Management and GuidanceBiculturalismBilingual EducationBinet, Alfred (1857-1911)Black Caucus (NAEYC)Blow, Susan Elizabeth (1843-1916)Bowlby, John (1907-1990)Brain DevelopmentBronfenbrenner, Urie (1917-2005)Bruner, Jerome (1915- )BullyingCenter for the Child Care Workforce (CCW)Cerebral Palsy (CP)Child Abuse and NeglectChild Abuse and Neglect, Prevention ofChild ArtChild CareChild Care and Development Fund (CCDF)Child Care and Early Education Research ConnectionsChild Care Subsidies and Tax ProvisionsChild Development Associate (CDA) National Credentialing ProgramChild Development Group of Mississippi (CDGM)Childrens Defense Fund (CDF)Childrens MediaChildrens MuseumsChild Study MovementClassroom DiscourseClassroom EnvironmentsCognitive DevelopmentComenius, John Amos (1592-1670)Computer and Video Game Play in Early ChildhoodConstructionismConstructivismContemporary Issues in Early ChildhoodConvention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) (1989)Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)The Creative Curriculum for PreschoolCultureCurriculumCurriculum, Emotional DevelopmentCurriculum, MathematicsCurriculum, MusicCurriculum, Physical DevelopmentCurriculum, ScienceCurriculum, Social StudiesCurriculum, Visual ArtDay NurseriesDeaf ChildrenDevelopment, EmotionalDevelopment, LanguageDevelopment, MoralDevelopment, Psychosocial Theory ofDevelopment, SocialDevelopmental DelayDevelopmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood, ATaxonomy ofDevelopmental-Interaction ApproachDevelopmentally Appropriate Practice(s) (DAP)Developmental Systems TheoriesDewey, John (1859-1952)Direct Instruction ModelDisabilities, Young Children withDivision for Early Childhood (DEC)DocumentationDomestic ViolenceDown SyndromeVolume II:Early Care and Education Programs, Administration ofEarly Child Development and CareEarly Childhood Education Journal (ECEJ)Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales (ERS)Early Childhood Music Education Commission (ECME)Early Childhood Research & Practice (ECRP)Early Childhood Research Quarterly (ECRQ)Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)Early Head StartEarly InterventionEarly Years: An International Journal of Research andDevelopmentEcology of Human DevelopmentEducation 3-13Eliot, Abigail Adams (1892-1992)Emergent CurriculumEnvironmental Assessments in Early Childhood EducationErikson, Erik H. (1902-1994)European Early Childhood Education Research Journal (EECERJ)Even StartExchangeFamiliesFamily LiteracyFamily Systems Theory (FST)FathersFeminism in Early Childhood EducationFetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)Frank, Lawrence Kelso (1890-1968)Freud, Anna (1895-1982)Freud, Sigmund (1856-1939)Froebel, Friedrich (1782-1852)Gay or Lesbian Parents, Children withGender and Gender Stereotyping in Early Childhood EducationGesell, Arnold (1880-1961)Gifted and Talented Children in the United StatesGood Start, Grow SmartGordon, Ira J. (1923-1978)Grade RetentionGroupingHailmann, Eudora Lucas (18351904)Hailmann, William Nicholas (1836-1920)Hall, G(ranville) Stanley (1844-1924)Hawkins, David (1913-2002) and Hawkins, Frances Pockman (1913- )Head StartHigh/ScopeHigh/Scope Perry Preschool StudyHill, Patty Smith (1868-1946)History of U.S. Early Childhood Care and EducationHunt, Joseph McVicker (1906-1991)Hymes, James L., Jr. (1913-1998)IEA Preprimary ProjectImmigrationIncarcerated Parents, Children ofInclusionIndividualized Education Plan (IEP)Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)Infant CareIntelligenceIntelligence Quotient (IQ)Intelligence TestingInteragency Education Research Initiative (IERI)International Journal of Early Childhood (IJEC)International Journal of Early Years EducationInternational Journal of Special EducationInternational Kindergarten Union (IKU)International Reading Association (IRA)Isaacs, Susan (1885-1948)Journal of Early Childhood ResearchJournal of Early Childhood Teacher Education (JECTE)Journal of Early Inte



"[A] comprehensive look at early childhood education. This encyclopedia's entries are a compilation of controversies, theories, policies, and practices that offer information on key historical and contemporary people and issues. Uniquely this work also includes entries on professional organizations and journals in the field....Alphabetically arranged and written by over 300 international contributors, the entries vary in length from one to five pages, with small variations in quality and larger differences in tone and focus. Though weighted toward the US, this set stands above previously published works in its exceptional look at the current state of affairs for 11 countries....Prepared for a large, diverse audience, this distinctive encyclopedia, with its cross-cultural focus and outstanding features, will be extremely valuable to undergraduate students. Essential. Lower-/upper-level undergraduates, professionals, and general readers."Choice

"This title fills a long-standing gap in major reference works devoted solely to early childhood education....Aiming this work at students, policy analysts, and general readers, editors New and Cochran have assembled more than 300 international contributors to produce an encyclopedia of both breadth and depth. The first three volumes contain over 300 A-to-Z entries on early childhood development and education in the United States that cover major historical and contemporary issues, current research, and a variety of theoretical and policy perspectives. All the entries are cross-referenced and conclude with a list of works cited as well as recommended readings....Volume 4 contains 100-plus entries on the structure and policies of early childhood education in ten countries covering all inhabited continents outside North America. The countries were selected to showcase early childhood education in a wide range of societies....Highly recommended for academic and public libraries."Library Journal

"This is an excellent encyclopedia set that should be useful for both larger public libraries and academic libraries supporting education programs."American Reference Books Annual

"The entries themselves are clear and comprehensive, ranging from a page or two to two or three pages in length, with useful suggestions for further reading rather than a distracting overburden of references."Reference Reviews

"Recommended for academic libraries serving programs in child development and early childhood education as well as other libraries where this information will be in demand."Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin


CHOICE 2007 Outstanding Academic Title

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