Doing Business in Today's India

by Douglas Bullis

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January 1998


Pages 344
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/International
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As the world business climate globalizes and national economies become closely interlinked, India looms as the largest country in the world to embrace the market economy. Bullis maintains that not only will India be changed by international market forces, it will have a significant impact upon the world economy as it emerges as a mass consumer market and an extended, low-cost manufacturing center. But India has problems that pose difficulties for offshore investors. Only with a clear idea of Indian business thinking and the relationship of commerce to India's complex mix of traditional, caste, and religious practices can businesspeople from the West gain any real hope of success. This work provides the sort of far-reaching information and advice essential for international businesspeople and for researchers and scholars in the academic community who want to be a part of India's economic future.

Bullis asserts that Indian businesspeople are far more knowledgeable about international markets than most international businesspeople are about India. Yet, India's long period of socialist dormancy produced very different concepts of management, employee relations, the role of competition, marketing, finance, and business-government relations. All these factors will play critical roles in the success or failure of investment plans formulated outside India's borders. Moreover, Indian people have a more diverse and compartmentalized culture than any other people, posing a marketing challenge (and challenges of other kinds) that outsiders may be ill-equipped to handle. Bullis's descriptions and analyses of the Indian economy, social structure, history, and business practices will provide the kind of understandings that Westerners need to enter the Indian market and compete successfully.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Sixth of HumanityPolitical and Economic OutlookBusiness Investment and FinanceManagement MattersHow to Invest in IndiaDoing Daily BusinessBasic Indian Business LawIndian History for the Business PersonAppendix A: Useful AddressesAppendix B: Additional ReadingsIndex



Bullis also gives the interesed reader a number of useful techniques that should help the western businessman who is unfamiliar with India and its customs and traditions to maintaingood relations with his Indian business partners and employees and to understand the rules and regulations of investing in India....[c]ontain a wealth of information needed by the businessman contemplating investing in India.—Journal of Third World Studies

The book appears to be based on extensive research that involved discussions with leading commentators and business leaders from India and abroad....this book is a significant attempt to gain insight into some aspects of today's India.—Journal of Asian Business

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