Discovering the Parables

An Inspirational Guide for Everyday Life

by Henry G. Covert


Offers a spiritual overview of the meaning of the parables emphasizing the key points in the teachings.

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December 2007


Pages 144
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Religion/General
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Long before there were printing presses, copy machines, and email, societies used storytelling to convey beliefs, history, and traditions. This practice preceded the ministry of Jesus and continues today in many cultures. But Jesus was a master of storytelling. His words provide many with guidelines and a road map for living. Using familiar imagery found in nature and other recognizable sources, he engaged his listeners with lessons that confronted every aspect of their lives, providing the tools for self-examination and change.

Speaking in parables, however, sometimes caused confusion for his listeners, and readers today may wonder what exactly he meant, and how his words apply to everyday life. This book looks at each of Jesus's parables, explaining the key points, the central themes, and the meanings we can take away from the stories. By considering each parable in depth, the author helps readers come to a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus and what they mean for our lives.



"Covert has written an excellent introduction to the parables used by Jesus as recorded in the New Testament....The book is valuable because many of the images used by Jesus are no longer familiar to our modern, urban cutlure. This book explains the key points--the central themes--and provides fine historical and cultural background....[A]n excellent addition to all ibrary collections used by readers looking for spiritual meaning from the Bible."—Catholic Library World


"The themes of love and forgiveness running through this book reflect Dr. Covert's years of dedicated service as a prison chaplain but will engage readers in many life situations. His insightful questions make these stories of Jesus accessible as personal devotional reading, but also provide the opportunity for lively group discussion. I would urge the reader to grab a notebook and put it next to the book, as there will be many times when he or she will want to record his or her own thoughts, answers and reflections. Studying this book will provide a challenging but rewarding path into those parables that can be so familiar yet so elusive."—Rev. Dr. Marja L. Coons-Torn, Penn Central Conference Minister, United Church of Christ

"The Divine Parables guides us to a better understanding of the messages Jesus offers us through His parables. Dr. Covert's examination of these messages is focused, and he uses language that enables the lay person to understand the purpose of the parable. The reflection questions assist the reader in applying these lessons to his/her life."—Richard E. Grubb, B.S., M.S., D.Ed., Senior Vice President and Dean Emeritus, The Pennsylvania State University

"Dr. Covert gives clear and concise Biblical illustrations that speak to our conditions today. He alerts us to the powerful teachings of nature used by Jesus to urge us to righteous living. Challenges are given to the reader to internalize and respond to the parables in fruitful Christian living. It is an excellent review of Jesus' parables for our day."—The Rev. Dr. Paul L. Herring, B.A., M.Div., D.Min. (retired), United Methodist District Superintendent, Currently Coordinator of Chaplains in Pennsylvania Parks for Pennsylvania Council of Churches

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