Cultural Cognition and Psychopathology

by John F. Schumaker, ed., Tony Ward


Draws together the concepts of culture and cognition in the wider context of psychopathology in an interdisciplinary volume.

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October 2000


Pages 304
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Psychology/General
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An interdisciplinary volume which draws together the concepts of culture and cognition in the wider context of psychopathology. It provides new perspectives on the etiology, treatment, and prevention of psychopathology by challenging current individualistic models and assumptions, while offering new theoretical formulations that take account of the cultural foundation of the cognition process.

This book is divided into three sections. The first offers a history of the existing shortsighted models that see the individual as the source of pathological cognitions. The second section is comprised of nine chapters that examine selected mental disorders. The final section examines the implications of new models that take account of cultural sources of cognition. This book will be of interest to clinical and cross-cultural psychology; anthropology, sociology, and professionals in psychology, social services, and public health.

Table of Contents

IntroductionTheoretical and Historical PerspectivesCulture, Cognition, and Psychological Individualism by Tod SloanCultural Cognition and Psychopathology: Anthropological Perspectives by Harvey WhitehouseCultural Sources of Cognition by Charles NuckollsCultural Cognition and Specific DisordersCultural Cognition and Depression by John F. SchumakerThe Cognitive Socialization of Stress and Anxiety by Joseph Westermeyer and Eric DieperinkThe Role of Cultural Cognition in Substance Abuse and Alcoholism by M. Dawn TerrellEating Disorders, Culture, and Cognition by Myra CooperCognitive Enculturation and Sexual Abuse by Gordon C. Nagayama Hall and Amber H. PhungCulture, Cognition, and Trauma: Cross-cultural Evaluations by Pittu LaunganiCultural Risk Factors in Personality Disorders by Joel ParisCulture, Cognition, and Dissociative Identity Disorders by Martin J. DorahyCulture, Cognition, and Schizophrenia by Richard J. SiegertApplications and ImplicationsTranslating Cultural Observations into Psychotherapy: A Functional Approach by Junko Tanaka-Matsumi, Douglas Y. Seiden and Ka Nei LamCulture and Cognitive Theory: Toward a Reformulation by Jo Thakker and Russil DurrantToward a New Model of Symptom Formation: Implicit Theories and Sexual Offending by Tony Ward and Thomas KeenanCultural Assumptions, Social Justice , and Mental Health: Challenging The Status Quo by Isaac PrilleltenskyIndex



Recommended for collections covering psychiatry/psychology, anthropology, sociology, and cross-disciplinary works on culture and cognition cultural. An interesting and provocative volume for upper-division undergraduates, researchers, and practitioners alike.—Choice

^ICultural Cognition and Psychopathology^R is a valuable and timely contribution to the field of cultural studies. It provides a wealth of up-to-date and critically reviewed information. This volume is well worth a careful reading by mental health professionals and trainees as well as anyone else interested in this thought-provoking and often controversial area of knowledge.—Psychiatric Services

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