Creativity, Cognition, and Knowledge

An Interaction

by Terry Dartnall

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June 2002


Pages 352
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Psychology/General
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This collection weitten by leading figures in cognitive science includes their lively debates with Dartnall about his call for a new epistemology, an alternative to the standard representational story in cognitive science. Dartnall aims to show that new epistemology is already with us in some leading-edge models of human creativity. Such an epistemology steers a middle road between the representationism of classical cognitive science and a radical anti-representationism that denies the existence or importance of representations.

Dartnall, who debates contributors at each chapter's end, believes that creativity inheres—not only in big ticket items such as plays, poems, or sonatas—but in our ability to produce cognitive content at all, so that representations are the creative products of our knowledge, rather than its passive carriers.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Terry DartnallStaring Emmy Straight in the Eye--and Doing My Best Not to Flinch by Douglas HofstadterAcquisition and Productivity in Perceptual Symbol Sytems: An Account of Mundane Creativity by Jesse J. Prinz and Lawrence W. BarsalouCreativity and the Varieties of Explicitation by Donald M. PetersonCreativity, Relational Knowledge, and Capacity: Why Are Humans So Creative? By Graeme S. Halford and William H. WilsonAnalogy and Creativity: Schema Induction in a Structure-Sensitive Connectionist Model by John E. Hummel and Keith J. HolyoakCreativity: A Computational Modelling Approach by Derek Partridge and Jon RoweCreativity and Runaway Learning by Chris ThorntonLetter Spirit: Perception and Creation of Diverse Alphabetic Styles by Gary McGraw and Doug HofstadterRecent Results in the Letter Spirit Project by John RehlingEmergence and Creativity: Five Degrees of Freedom by Richard McDonoughIndex



Dartnall is interested in creativity not only as an intriguing phenomenon but also because he believes that an account of creativity is the ultimate test for cognitive science. This book examines creativity from this dual perspective....Dartnall has created a volume that is appropriate for libraries serving graduate programs in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and the philosophy of mind.—Choice

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