Corporatist Decline in Advanced Capitalism

by Mark James Gobeyn


This study represents the first book-length treatment of the declining significance of corporatist governance in advanced capitalist states.

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August 1993


Pages 184
Volumes 1
Size 5 1/2x8 1/4
Topics Economics/Policy
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Gobeyn presents the first book-length treatment of the declining significance of corporatist governance in advanced capitalism, linking that decline to international political economic forces. He contends that current patterns of conflict within corporatist political bargaining institutions in capitalist states can be traced to attitudinal shifts on the part of capitalists toward corporatist institutional arrangements. Business interests, it is argued, may no longer be viewing traditional practices of national corporatist action as either beneficial or necessary given recent changes in domestic and international economic environments. Recent state modifications to corporatist forms have therefore been initiated.

Table of Contents

PrefaceIntroduction: Modern Corporatism in Theory and PracticeThe Modern Corporatist State: Liberal and Marxist Conceptualizations and Analytical ApproachesThe Utility and Effectiveness of Corporatist Political Structures in Advanced CapitalismOn the Decline of Corporatist Concertation in Advanced CapitalismEconomic Policy and Industrial Relations in a Less Corporatist EuropeBibliographyIndex



Gobeyn nicely clarifies key issues and critiques both the liberal and Marxist approaches, slighly leaning toward the latter, without returning to a pluralist paradigm.—Choice

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