Connectionist Psycholinguistics

by Morten H. Christiansen, ed., Nick Chater


Presents a survey by leading researchers in the fast-developing field of Connecticut Psycholinguistics.

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August 2001


Pages 400
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Psychology/General
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Setting forth the state of the art, leading researchers present a survey on the fast-developing field of Connectionist Psycholinguistics: using connectionist or neural networks, which are inspired by brain architecture, to model empirical data on human language processing. Connectionist psycholinguistics has already had a substantial impact on the study of a wide range of aspects of language processing, ranging from inflectional morphology, to word recognition, to parsing and language production.

Christiansen and Chater begin with an extended tutorial overview of Connectionist Psycholinguistics which is followed by the latest research by leading figures in each area of research. The book also focuses on the implications and prospects for connectionist models of language, not just for psycholinguistics, but also for computational and linguistic perspectives on natural language. The interdisciplinary approach will be relevant for, and accessible to psychologists, cognitive scientists, linguists, philosophers, and researchers in artificial intelligence.

Table of Contents

PrefaceConnectionist Psycholinguistics: The Very Idea by Morten H. Christiansen and Nick ChaterThe State of the ArtConnectionist Psycholinguistics in Perspective by Morten H. Christiansen and Nick ChaterSimulating Parallel Activation in Spoken Word Recognition by M. Gareth Gaskel and William D. Marslen-WilsonA Connectionist Model of English Past Tense and Plural Morphology by Kim Plunkett and Patrick JuolaFinite Models of Infinite Language: A Connectionist Approach to Recursion by Morten H. Christiansen and Nick ChaterDynamic Systems for Sentence Processing by Whitney Tabor and Michael K. TanenhausConnectionist Models of Language Production: Lexical Access and Grammatical Encoding by Gary S. Dell, Franklin Chang, and Zenzi M. GriffinA Connectionist Approach to Word Reading and Acquired Dyslexia: Extension to Sequential Processing by David C. PlautFuture ProspectsConstraint Satisfaction in Language Acquisition and Processing by Mark S. Seidenberg and Maryellen C. MacDonaldGrammar-based Connectionist Approach to Language by Paul SmolenskyConnectionist Sentence Processing in Perspective by Mark SteedmanIndex



[t]his volume portrays an active and influential field of connectionist psycholinguistics....[I]n all, it seems that the hope for a formal, mathematical treatment of complex phenomena really is possible, and we are closer to it because of the contributions in this book.—APA Review of Books

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