Children in the Digital Age

Influences of Electronic Media on Development

by Sandra L. Calvert, ed., Amy B. Jordan, ed., Rodney R. Cocking, ed.


Showing how children use media today, this volume considers the ways in which technologies will impact their development.

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August 2002


Pages 280
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Psychology/Developmental

Television will be interactive, computers will provide feature-length motion pictures and TV programs, and information will be delivered like never before. Access to digital technologies is rapidly changing how children experience media, and how technologies will impact children's development, and is making media an increasingly active gateway for experiencing and learning about the world. This volume considers how children use media today, and how new media is emerging and merging with existing technologies. The distinctive features of both older and newer media are examined, along with why these technologies are attractive to children and adolescents.

An interdisciplinary group of scholars from the fields of psychology, communication, sociology, and linguistics examine the effect of media experiences on children's social, cognitive, familial, and consumerist experiences. Social policy implications of media effects are also considered.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Ellen A. WartellaMedia Usage PatternsThe Impact of Computer Use on Children's and Adolescents' Development by Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Patricia Greenfield, Robert Kraut, and Elisheva GrossAmerican Children's Use of Electronic Media in 1997: A National Survey by John C. Wright, et al.Behavioral Effects of MediaIdentity Construction on the Internet by Sandra L. CalvertAdolescents, the Internet, and Health: Issues of Access and Content by Dina L. G. Borzekowski and Vaughn I. RickertPolitical Socialization in the Digital Age: The "Student Voices" Program by Emory H. Woodard IV and Kelly L. SchmittViolent Video Games and Aggressive Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors by Craig A. AndersonCognitive Effects of Media"We Have These Rules Inside": The Effects of Exercising Voice in a Children's Online Forum by Justine CassellDevelopmental Implications of Commercial Broadcasters' Educational Offerings by Amy B. Jordan, Kelly L. Schmitt, and Emory H. Woodard IVChildren's Online Reports about Educational and Informational Television Programs by Sandra L. Calvert, et al.The AnimalWatch Project: Creating an Intelligent Computer Mathematics Tutor by Carole R. Beal and Ivon ArroyoFamily and Consumer Media ModelsThe Development of a Child into a Consumer by Patti M. Valkenburg and Joanne CantorFamily Boundaries, Commercialism, and the Internet: A Framework for Research by Joseph TurowA Family Systems Approach to Examining the Role of the Internet in the Home by Amy B. Jordan



Editors Calvert, Jordan, and Cooking have collected an impressive group of contributions to fill the pages of this thought-provoking work....This is a very interesting book. Well researched and well written, many of the chapters point to research that still needs to be completed. As librarians, we need to be aware of not only what technologies children and adolecents are exposed to in a learning enviornment, but also what technologies they embrace for play. This awareness will allow us to plan for the future and make up better prepared to meet the expectations of our patrons.—College & Research Libraries

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