Blacks, Latinos, and Asians in Urban America

Status and Prospects for Politics and Activism

by James Jennings

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September 1994


Pages 192
Volumes 1
Size 5 1/2x8 1/4
Topics Race and Ethnicity/General
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This volume of essays by scholars and activists focuses on the political and social relations between blacks, Latinos, and Asians in key urban centers. Collectively, the essays examine the particular status of relations between these groups, the reasons for conflict or consensus, and the prospects for future relations. While a number of cities are examined, the book focuses on Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Miami as particularly instructive case studies. Urban eruptions in these cities are examined in terms of the nature of political relations between blacks, Latinos, and Asians.

These essays provide analyses within a sociohistorical context and offer the kind of political activism that might ensure consensus, rather than conflict, between these groups in urban America. As Luis Fuentes observes, This book should be read by all activists and scholars interested in changing the face of urban and ultimately, national America; for if communities of color can come together for progressive political action, then it will only be a matter of time before America finally begins to look like, and act like, what it has been preaching for generations.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Luis FuentesIntroduction by James JenningsBlack, Latinos, and Asians within the Context of Urban PoliticsChanging Urban Policy Paradigms: Impact of Black and Latino Coalitions by James JenningsUrban Politics and Incorporation: The Case of Blacks, Latinos, and Asians in Three Cities by Charles P. HenryBuilding Coalitions among Communities of Color: Beyond Racial Identity Politics by Manning MarableBlacks and Latinos in the United States: The Emergence of a Common Agenda by Juanita Tamayo LottWashington, D.C., Miami, and Los Angeles as Case StudiesThe State and Future of Black/Latino Relations in Washington, D.C.: A Bridge in Need of Repair by Keith Jennings and Clarence LusaneGenerating Racial and Ethnic Conflict in Miami: Impact of American Foreign Policy and Domestic Racism by Daryl HarrisBlacks and Koreans in Los Angeles: The Case of LaTasha Harlins and Soo Ja Du by Karen UmemotoLessons and Visions from the 1960sBlacks and Chicanos: Parallels in Political and Historical Struggles by Daniel OsunaImpact of Malcolm X on Asian-American Politcs and Activism by Yuri Kochiyama Conclusion: Racial Hierarchy and Ethnic Conflict in the United States by James JenningsFor Further Reading



Whether and how communities of color can forge meaningful coalitions to foster progressive social change is the focus of this timely and provocative series of essays. Written (on) by scholars, community leaders, and activists, the subject is a matter that portends profound consequences for our overall political-social landscape.—Lucius J. Barker William Bennett Munro Professor of Political Science Stanford University

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