Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment

A Handbook of Cultural, Social Science, Management and Legal Perspectives

by Michele Paludi, Carmen A. Paludi, Jr., ed.


Combines social science, legal, and management approaches to combat sexual harassment in schools and workplaces.

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June 2003


Pages 248
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Psychology/General
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This essential handbook features overviews of sexual harassment in kindergarten through high school, college and universities, and public and private sector workplaces. The contributors to this volume come from diverse backgrounds; their disciplines include psychology, sociology, law, English literature, and management. Through teaching about this issue, conducting research, creating policies and procedures, working with administrative agencies (such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Office for Civil Rights), litigating cases, testifying as expert witnesses in Title VII and Title IX cases and working with state legislatures, the various authors have gained much knowledge of sexual harassment.

School administrators, teachers, human resources professionals, and managers and supervisors in any workplace will greatly benefit from the insights in this volume. It is a unique compilation of findings from the social science, business, and legal fields. One of the truly unique features of this work is its emphasis on multicultural perspectives. It also reviews legal cases and presents actual tools for sexual harassment policies, procedures, and training programs in educational institutions and workplaces alike.

Table of Contents

About the ContributorsPreface by Michele Paludi and Carmen Paludi, Jr.Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment from Multicultural PerspectivesIncidence and Dimensions of Sexual Harassment Across Cultures by Eros DeSouza and Joseph SolbergThe Interface of Race, Sex, Sexual Orientation, and Ethnicity in Understanding Sexual Harassment by Darlene DeFour, et al.Workplace Sexual Harassment from Social Sciences PerspectivesSexual Harassment in the Public Sector by James GruberSexual Harassment in the Private Sector by Paula Lundberg Love and Shelly MarmionAcademic Sexual Harassment from Social Sciences PerspectivesSexual Harassment in K-12 by Susan StraussSexual Harassment on College Campuses by Billie Wright DziechPreventing and Dealing with Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment: Management and Legal PerspectivesDeveloping and Enforcing Effective Policies, Procedures, and Training Programs for Educational Institutions and Businesses by Carmen Paludi Jr. and Michele PaludiThe Role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Office of Civil Rights, and Human Rights Commission in Dealing with Sexual Harassment by Elaine Herskowitz and Howard KallemThe Role of the Expert Witness in Sexual Harassment Cases by Ralph Lamparello and Julien NealsAppendixName IndexSubject Index

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