Rockin' the Classics and Classicizin' the Rock

A Selectively Annotated Discography; First Supplement

by Janell R. Duxbury, comp.


Duxbury's selectively annotated discography shows the pervasive influence of the classics on rock music. This first supplement to Duxbury's 1985 discography provides hundreds of newly discovered or recently released examples of the interconnection between rock and the classics.

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May 1991


Pages 192
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Popular Culture/Music and Performing Arts

.The average listener may be unaware of the many links between rock music and the classics. One might remember a few examples, such as Walter Murphy's chart-topping A Fifth of Beethoven or Eric Carmen's All by Myself, but pass them off as interesting anomalies. However, the influence of the classics on rock music is pervasive and grows from a long line of precedents. This supplement to Janell R. Duxbury's original 1985 discography, Rockin' the Classics and Classicizin' the Rock, brings the earlier work up-to-date with hundreds of new entries documenting recently released or newly discovered examples of the interconnection between these musical genres.

Duxbury details more than 300 new examples of recorded rock instrumentals and songs that borrow musical themes from the classics. Variations range from contemporary renditions of complete classical works to brief classical quotes or phrases subtly incorporated into rock compositions. Duxbury also gives additional examples of recorded orchestral versions of songs originally composed and/or written by rock artists. In these examples, the musical style varies from strict classical interpretations to pop-style orchestral renditions. The supplement then expands Duxbury's original compilation of sound recordings and live performances of rock groups performing with established orchestras and choruses, selected samples of recorded rock music that simulates baroque or classical sound/structure, examples of the manifest influence of rock on classical music, and instances of rock artists and classical artists switching roles. Lastly, this discography updates the 1985 version with new information, expanded details, and minor corrections to the earlier work. An extended list of selected nonrock background examples is included in several new appendixes. The Introduction and Preface is also updated. A general index includes the names of classical composers, rock artists and groups, orchestras, choruses, orchestra conductors, sound recording producers, and song or instrumental titles. With its incomparable scope and content, this supplement, together with Duxbury's previous discography, will be appreciated by students, researchers, record collectors, trivia buffs, music industry employees, and fans of rock music and the classics.

Table of Contents

PrefaceIntroductionRockin' the ClassicsClassicizin' the RockOther Connections Between Rock and the ClassicsRock Groups or Artists Recording with Established Orchestras and ChorusesRock Groups or Artists Appearing with Orchestras in Live Performance before an AudienceSelected Examples of Rock Music Simulating a Baroque or Classical Sound/StructureRock Music Influences on Classical MusicClassical ComposersClassical Record PackagingRock Artists Appearing in Straight Classical Roles and/or Collaborating with Classical Composers/PerformersClassical Composers, Conductors and Performers in Rock RolesUpdate to Parts I, II, III and Appendixes of 1985 DiscographyAppendixesSelected Big Band and Broadway Versions of the ClassicsSelected Jazz and New Age Versions of the ClassicsSelected Parodies of the ClassicsSelected Country and Folk Versions of the ClassicsIndex

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