Historical Dictionary of Stuart England, 1603-1689

by Ronald H. Fritze, ed.-in-chief, William B. obison, ed.-in-chief


Contains 320 entries by eighty experts, covering political, constitutional, diplomatic, military, religious, social, and economic topics, including biographical sketches of major figures, plus a lengthy chronology and extensive bibliography.

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March 1996


Pages 632
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics World History/General
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A ready reference for general readers, undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, and scholars, this volume contains 320 entries by 80 experts, covering a broad range of topics, plus a lengthy chronology and extensive bibliography. The entries are based on current scholarship and are followed by pertinent references. Among the items included are biographies of kings and queens, ministers, opposition leaders, ecclesiastics, and literary figures; entries on the army, navy, courts, and other institutions; local government and officials; important court cases and documents, such as the Great Contract, Petition of Right, and Bill of Rights; and controversial examples of the Royal prerogative, such as the dispensing and suspending of powers.

The volume also covers the Civil Wars, Glorious Revolution, and other rebellions; the Dutch, French, and Spanish Wars; and diplomatic events. Anglicanism, Puritanism, and other religious topics are included as well as political groups, such as the Cavaliers and Roundheads, and radicals like the Diggers and Fifth Monarchists. Social and economic topics include agriculture, mercantilism, poor laws, population, and taxation. The dictionary also covers cultural topics, conceptual topics such as divine right, and topics on women. Although the book focuses on England, it also includes entries on Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and topics relating to those areas.

Table of Contents

IntroductionHistorical Dictionary of Stuart EnglandChronologyBibliographyIndex



A wealth of information is found in this useful volume about Stuart England... the editors admirably cover key events and topics in political and religious history, while providing a sound grounding in cultural, social, economic, and intellectucal topics... this book is recommended for academic and large public libraries.— Choice

Because of its in-depth coverage of a variety of subjects relating to the Stuart Age, this volume is recommended for history reference collections of academic libraries in particular.—^X^BReference Book Review^R


Library Journal Best Reference Book, 1996

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