Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Military History

by Larry M. Wortzel


Provides a basic reference on the military history of contemporary China through an examination of China's 19th century military clashes with the West and Japan, and the evolution of the Red Army.

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September 1999


Pages 376
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Military History/General
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Tracking the evolution of the Red Army through the war against Japan and the Chinese civil war, Wortzel's book provides a comprehensive basic reference focusing on the major events, people, and issues that have produced the historical legacy of the People's Liberation Army. Placing contemporary Chinese military history in the context of China's 19th century clashes with the West and Japan, Wortzel illustrates how the imposition of unequal treaties by foreign powers conditioned China's 20th century defense forces and actions and explains how the Communist military forces developed. It also shows how fractionalization in the Communist military leadership led to the Cultural Revolution and Mao Zedong's purges.

Drawing on a substantial number of sources available only in Chinese as well as on English-language secondary sources, the book provides a basic reference aimed at orienting the nonspecialist to the significant events and people in China's recent military history. The book will also provide a quick reference for the specialist in Chinese history.

Table of Contents

PrefaceTransliteration or Romanization of the Chinese LanguageIntroductionEntriesBibliographyIndex



The ^IDictionary of Chinese Military History^R is the only English-language dictionary or one-volume encyclopedia of its kind....suitable for any library collecting Chinese military or political history.—RUSQ

This dictionary on the recent military history of China is a useful reference tool for the study of contemporary China.—American Reference Books Annual

...this read reference is a welcome resource for students of contemporary China.—Parameters

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