Contemporary Composition Studies

A Guide to Theorists and Terms

by Edith Babin, Kimberly Harrison

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December 1999


Pages 344
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics The Arts/General
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Composition studies is a rapidly growing and constantly changing field. At present, however, graduate students new to the field and writing teachers who want to make new connections between theory and practice have little choice of current reference works that define key terms in composition studies and provide information about the scholars and researchers who have shaped and are shaping the discipline. This book supplies this information in an easily accessible format and places both scholars and terms in the context of the field's development. Included are alphabetically arranged entries for 108 individuals who have developed the field and 128 terms central to the discipline.

The first part of the book provides entries for leaders in composition studies. Each entry identifies the areas in which the scholar has contributed most influentially to the field and provides both a chronological overview of the person's contributions and a bibliography of representative works. The second part includes entries for terms that are problematic both for newcomers and for those already familiar with the discipline. The entries for the terms show how the disciplinary context has shaped the ways in which they have been used. The entries also indicate how established thinkers in composition studies and other disciplines have explained or defined the terms, provide examples of the terms in context, and list scholars often associated with them. An appendix includes entries for scholars from other disciplines who have contributed to the field.

Table of Contents

PrefaceJournal AbbreviationsLeading Scholars in Composition StudiesImportant Terms in Composition StudiesAppendix: Scholars outside Composition Studies Who Have Influenced the FieldWorks CitedIndex



Considering the book's scope, it will be excellent for those new to composition or those seeking to familiarize themselves with it, and a good purchase for libraries that support education and composition studies.—Choice

The book should be a useful resource in graduate courses that introduce students to the field because it covers much ground in relatively few pages....[a] valuable reference work.—Rhetoric Review

This work is recommended for college and university reference collections.—American Reference Books Annual

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