Contemporary Spanish American Poets

A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources

by Jacobo Sefami


This first general bibliography on contemporary Spanish American poets focuses on writers born between 1910 and 1952--including such notable figures of the older generation as Octavio Paz, Jose Lezama Lima, Nicanor Parra, and Gonzalo Rojas and other poets active today.

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January 1992


Pages 272
Volumes 1
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Topics The Arts/World Literature

This first general bibliography on contemporary Spanish American poets focuses on writers born between 1910 and 1952. Three generations are represented: The first, poets born 1910-1925 and including such notable figures as Octavio Paz, Jose Lezama Lima, Nicanor Parra, Gonzalo Rojas, Olga Orozco, and Alvaro Mutis, may be said to concentrate on language. The second generation, poets born 1925-1939 whose work was consolidated in the 1960s, with many exceptions are concerned with politics and history. Representative figures include Ernesto Cardenal, Roque Dalton, Juan Gelman, and Jose Emilio Pacheco. Poets of the latest generation may perhaps be characterized by awareness of the poetic sign. Though less well known, their inclusion allows the reader to incorporate the poetry of the 1980, and early 1990s into the panorama of Spanish American literature.

Providing both primary and secondary sources, this comprehensive reference work will serve scholars and students as the point of departure for research on contemporary Spanish American poetry on any of the eighty-six poets included. For each poet, the listing of original writings comprises (a) poetic works, (b) compilations and anthologies, and (c) other works, such as fiction and essays; the secondary listing consists of bibliographies and critical studies. A bibliography of general works follows and complements the listings for individual poets. It includes a general section and studies organized by countries. The poets also are entered by date of birth in a chronology along with their nationalities. An index of critics completes the work.

Table of Contents

Adoum, Jorge Enrique (Ecuador)
Appratto, Roberto (Uruguay)
Arenas, Braulio (Chile)
Aridjis, Homero (Mexico)
Becerra, José Carlos (Mexico)
Belli, Carlos Germán (Peru)
Benedetti, Mario (Uruguay)
Berenguer, Amanda (Uruguay)
Blanco, Alberto (Mexico)
Bonifaz Nuño, Rubén (Mexico)
Bracho, Coral (Mexico)
Cadenas, Rafael (Venezuela)
Cardenal, Ernesto (Nicaragua)
Carranza, Eduardo (Colombia)
Carrera, Arturo (Argentina)
Castellanos, Rosario (Mexico)
Cerruto, Oscar (Bolivia)
Cervantes, Francisco (Mexico)
Charry Lara, Fernando (Colombia)
Chumacero, Al (Mexico)
Cisneros, Antonio (Peru)
Cobo Borda, Juan Gustavo (Colombia)
Cross, Elsa (Mexico)
Cuadra, Pablo Antonio (Nicaragua)
Cunha, Juan (Uruguay)
Dalton, Roque (El Salvador)
Deniz, Gerardo (Mexico)
Diego, Eliseo (Cuba)
Echavarren, Roberto (Uruguay)
Eielson, Jorge Eduardo (Peru)
Fernández Retamar, Roberto (Cuba)
Ferré, Rosario (Puerto Rico)
Fierro, Enrique (Uruguay)
Gaitán Durán, Jorge (Colombia)
Gelman, Juan (Argentina)
Gerbasi, Vicente (Venezuela)
Giorgio, Marosa di (Uruguay)
Girri, Alberto (Argentina)
Hahn, Oscar (Chile)
Heraud, Javier (Peru)
Huerta, David (Mexico)
Huerta, Efraín (Mexico)
Juarroz, Roberto (Argentina)
Kamenszain, Tamara (Argentina)
Kozer, José (Cuba)
Lezama Lima, José (Cuba)
Lihn, Enrique (Chile)
Liscano, Juan (Venezuela)
Lizalde, Eduardo (Mexico)
Madariaga, Francisco (Argentina)
Martínez Rivas, Carlos (Nicaragua)
Milán, Eduardo (Uruguay)
Millán, Gonzalo (Chile)
Mir, Pedro (Dominican Republic)
Mitre, Eduardo (Bolivia)
Molina, Enrique (Argentina)
Montejo, Eugenio (Venezuela)
Montes de Oca, Marco Antonio (Mexico)
Mutis, Alvaro (Colombia)
Orozco, Olga (Argentina)
Pacheco, José Emilio (Mexico)
Padilla, Heberto (Cuba)
Parra, Nicanor (Chile)
Pasos, Joaquín (Nicaragua)
Paz, Octavio (Mexico)
Perlongher, Néstor (Argentina)
Pizarnik, Alejandra (Argentina)
Quessep, Giovanni (Colombia)
Rojas, Gonzalo (Chile)
Romero, Elvio (Paraguay)
Sabines, Jaime (Mexico)
Sáenz, Jaime (Bolivia)
Sánchez Peláez, Juan (Venezuela)
Segovia, Tomás (Spain-Mexico)
Shimose, Pedro (Bolivia)
Sologuren, Javier (Peru)
Sosa, Roberto (Honduras)
Sucre, Guillermo (Venezuela)
Teillier, Jorge (Chile)
Varela, Blanca (Peru)
Verástegui, Enrique (Peru)
Vilariño, Idea (Uruguay)
Vitale, Ida (Uruguay)
Vitier, Cintio (Cuba)
Westphalen, Emilio Adolfo (Peru)
Zurita, Raúl (Chile)
General Works
Chronological List of Poets
Index of Critics



A valuable work, and a must for all Spanish-language collections of merit, whether in public or academic libraries.—Choice

Overall, this is an excellent guide for the authors that are dealt with and should be in any library interested in Latin American culture and literature.—ARBA

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