American Pop

Popular Culture Decade by Decade

by Bob Batchelor


American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade is the most comprehensive reference on American pop culture ever assembled, beginning with the 1900s up through today.

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December 2008


Pages 1712
Volumes 4
Size 8 1/2x11
Topics American History/General

Pop culture is the heart and soul of America, a unifying bridge across time bringing together generations of diverse backgrounds. Whether looking at the bright lights of the Jazz Age in the 1920s, the sexual and the rock-n-roll revolution of the 1960s, or the thriving social networking websites of today, each period in America's cultural history develops its own unique take on the qualities define our lives.American Pop: Popular Culture Decade by Decade is the most comprehensive reference on American popular culture by decade ever assembled, beginning with the 1900s up through today. The four-volume set examines the fascinating trends across decades and eras by shedding light on the experiences of Americans young and old, rich and poor, along with the influences of arts, entertainment, sports, and other cultural forces.

Whether a pop culture aficionado or a student new to the topic, American Pop provides readers with an engaging look at American culture broken down into discrete segments, as well as analysis that gives insight into societal movements, trends, fads, and events that propelled the era and the nation. In-depth chapters trace the evolution of pop culture in 11 key categories: Key Events in American Life, Advertising, Architecture, Books, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics, Entertainment, Fashion, Food, Music, Sports and Leisure Activities, Travel, and Visual Arts. Coverage includes: How Others See Us, Controversies and scandals, Social and cultural movements, Trends and fads, Key icons, and Classroom resources. Designed to meet the high demand for resources that help students study American history and culture by the decade, this one-stop reference provides readers with a broad and interdisciplinary overview of the numerous aspects of popular culture in our country. Thoughtful examination of our rich and often tumultuous popular history, illustrated with hundreds of historical and contemporary photos, makes this the ideal source to turn to for ready reference or research.

Author Info

Bob Batchelor, PhD, is assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State University and academic coordinator of its online master's program in public relations. He received his undergraduate degrees at the University of Pittsburgh, his master's degree at Kent State University, and his doctorate in English at the University of South Florida. Batchelor is the author or editor of 21 books, including 3 volumes in Greenwood's "Popular Culture through History" series: The 1900s, The 1980s, and The 2000s. In addition, he edited Praeger's three-volume Cult Pop Culture: How the Fringe Became Mainstream and Praeger's three-volume American History through American Sports. His published work also includes articles in Radical History Review, The Journal of American Culture, The Mailer Review, The American Prospect Online, and Public Relations Review, as well as many book chapters. Batchelor is a member of the editorial advisory boards of The Journal of Popular Culture and the International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, and was recently named director of marketing and promotion for The John Updike Childhood Home Museum in Reading, PA.

Table of Contents

Volume One, 1900-1929Series ForewordPrefaceIntroduction1900-1909Timeline of 1900-1909Overview of 1900-1909Advertising of the 1900-1909Architecture of 1900-1909Books, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics of 1900-1909Entertainment of 1900-1909Fashion of 1900-1909Food of 1900-1909Music of 1900-1909Sports and Leisure of 1900-1909Travel of 1900-1909Visual Arts of 1900-19091910sTimeline of the 1910sOverview of the 1910sAdvertising of the 1910sArchitecture of the 1910sBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics of the 1910sEntertainment of the 1910sFashion of the 1910sFood of the 1910sMusic of the 1910sSports and Leisure of the 1910sTravel of the 1910sVisual Arts of the 1910s1920sTimeline of the 1920sOverview of the 1920sAdvertising of the 1920sArchitecture of the 1920sBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics of the 1920sEntertainment of the 1920sFashion of the 1920sFood of the 1920sMusic of the 1920sSports and Leisure of the 1920sTravel of the 1920sVisual Arts of the 1920sNotesResource GuideVolume Two, 1930-1959Introduction1930sTimeline of 1930sOverview of the 1930sAdvertising of the 1930sArchitecture of the1930sBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics of the 1930sEntertainment of the 1930sFashion of the 1930sFood of the 1930sMusic of the 1930sSports and Leisure of the 1930sTravel of the 1930sVisual Arts of the 1930s1940sTimeline of the 1940sOverview of the 1940sAdvertising of the 1940sArchitecture of the 1940sBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics of the 1940sEntertainment of the 1940sFashion of the 1940sFood of the 1940sMusic of the 1940sSports and Leisure of the 1940sTravel of the 1940sVisual Arts of the 1940s1950sTimeline of the 1950sOverview of the 1950sAdvertising of the 1950sArchitecture of the 1950sBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics of the 1950sEntertainment of the 1950sFashion of the 1950sFood of the 1950sMusic of the 1950sSports and Leisure of the 1950sTravel of the 1950sVisual Arts of the 1950sNotesResource GuideVolume Three, 1960-1989Introduction1960sTimeline of the 1960sOverview of the 1960sAdvertising of the 1960sArchitecture of the 1960sBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics of the 1960sEntertainment of the 1960sFashion of the 1960sFood of the 1960sMusic of the 1960sSports and Leisure of the 1960sTravel of the 1960sVisual Arts of the 1960s1970sTimeline of the 1970sOverview of the 1970sAdvertising of the 1970sArchitecture of the 1970sBooks, Magazines, Newspapers, and Comics of the 1970sEntertainment of the 1970sFashion of the 1970sFood of the 1970sMusic of the 1970sSports and Leisure of the 1970sTravel of the 1970sVisual Arts of the 1970s1980sTimeline of the 1980sOverview of the 1980sAdvertising of the 1980sArchitecture of the 1980sBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics of the 1980sEntertainment of the 1980sFashion of the 1980sFood of the 1980sMusic of the 1980sSports and Leisure of the 1980sTravel of the 1980sVisual Arts of the 1980sNotesResource GuideVolume Four, 1990s - 2000sIntroduction1990sTimeline of the 1990sOverview of the 1990sAdvertising of the 1990sArchitecture of the 1990sBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics of the 1990sEntertainment of the 1990sFashion of the 1990sFood of the 1990sMusic of the 1990sSports and Leisure of the 1990sTravel of the 1990sVisual Arts of the 1990s2000sTimeline of the 2000sOverview of the 2000sAdvertising of the 2000sArchitecture of the 2000sBooks, Newspapers, Magazines, and Comics of the 2000sEntertainment of the 2000sFashion of the 2000sFood of the 2000sMusic of the 2000sSports and Leisure of the 2000sTravel of the 2000sVisual Arts of the 2000sAppendixesCost of Products from 1900-2000sClassroom ResourcesNotesResource GuideBibliography



"This set makes for fun browsing. . . this set will be useful for school libraries and teachers and to help undergraduates get started with their research. . . . Recommended."Choice

"Bottom line: Depending on when you were born, this set could be a glimpse into history or a reminder of the not-so-distant past. It provides insight into people and events that shaped our cultural heritage. Users should find the set similar to Gale's 'American Decades' and 'American Eras' series. While academic libraries would probably use the books more, public libraries may also find them valuable."Library Journal

"This is a well-produced reference that provides students and the general reader with an overview of daily life and culture in the US. Volume Four contains a lengthy appendix of lessons, activities, research paper topics and guidelines, and
other classroom resources."Reference & Research Book News

"Editor Batchelor, a professor and author of several other pop-culture-related titles, presents an engaging look at daily life in twentieth- and twenty-first-century America in a work based partly on the more scholarly American Popular Culture through History (2002). . . . Those looking for a reference work for the general public and high schools will find this a nice choice. . ."Booklist

". . . a winning pick. . . Any general interest or American history collection will find this a fine, accessible reference, pairing black and white photos with timelines of popular culture events. From fashion and sports to travel and advertising, American Pop is an outstanding reference set for any popular culture library."Midwest Book Review

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