The Liberty Bell and Its Legacy

An Encyclopedia of an American Icon in U.S. History and Culture

by John R. Vile


The last time the Liberty Bell rang was in 1846, at a celebration of George Washington's birthday.

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January 2020


Pages 335
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Topics American History/Culture
  Popular Culture/General

This A-Z encyclopedia will survey the history, meaning, and enduring impact of the Liberty Bell in American culture.

This title provides a one-stop resource for understanding the fascinating history and enduring importance of the Liberty Bell in the fabric of American culture, from the pre-Revolutionary War era to the present day.

The encyclopedia explains key concepts, principles, and intellectual influences in the creation and display of the Liberty Bell, profiles its creators and leading champions, and surveys the place of the Bell and its home in Philadelphia's Independence Hall within the political and cultural lexicon of the nation. Additionally, it discusses important milestones and events in the bell's history and provides a sweeping overview of depictions of the Liberty Bell in historical and modern art, music, literature, and other cultural areas. It thus not only serves as a valuable resource in helping readers separate fact from myth regarding one of our nation's most potent national symbols but provides a unique gateway for exploring the wider history of the United States.


  • Groups entries into a topical table of contents by subject area for ease of reference
  • Includes a chronology of events related to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall
  • Offers a wide-ranging general bibliography of sources for further study of the Liberty Bell and its place in American culture
  • Illuminates a constitutional scholar's perspective on the importance and meaning of the Liberty Bell in an introductory essay
Author Info

John R. Vile is professor of political science and dean of the University Honors College at Middle Tennessee State University. He has written and edited numerous previous works including The American Flag: An Encyclopedia of the Stars and Stripes in U.S. History, Culture, and Law, Encyclopedia of Constitutional Amendments, Proposed Amendments, and Amending Issues, 1789–2015, The Constitutional Convention of 1787: An Encyclopedia of America's Founding, and four volumes for ABC-CLIO's Documents Decoded series.

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