Religion in the Classroom

Exploring the Issues

by Jonathan M. Golden and Joseph J. McCallister


Efforts to include subjects like creationism and Bible study in public schools have been accelerating nationally, as have efforts to keep religion out of public education.

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December 2020


Pages 199
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Religion/Society
  Current Events and Issues/Education
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An overview essay, timeline, reference entries, and annotated bibliography make this book an indispensable resource for anyone interested in religion's place in school and in matters concerning the separation of church and state.

The framers of the Constitution, in drafting the so-called Establishment Clause of the First Amendment—Congress shall not establish nor prohibit the practice of religion—intentionally juxtaposed two seemingly contrasting articles, understanding that we would grapple with these questions anew each day. And, indeed, we have.

This book treats the Constitution, and in particular, the First Amendment, as a living document, one that requires interpretation and re-interpretation on a regular basis as our nation and its people evolve. The book begins with an overview essay discussing the background of the contemporary debate over religion in schools. A timeline then highlights key events related to religion and education. Approximately 50 alphabetically arranged reference entries follow. These focus on contemporary concerns and provide objective, fundamental information about events, legislation, people, and other topics. The entries provide cross-references and suggestions for further reading, and the volume closes with an annotated bibliography.


  • An overview essay examines the background and significance of the debate over religion in education
  • A timeline highlights key events related to education and religion
  • Approximately 50 alphabetically arranged reference entries provide essential information about people, laws, events, and other topics
  • An annotated bibliography cites and evaluates additional information resources
Series Description

Religion in Politics and Society Today

Religion has long played an influential role in shaping our world. Each book in this series examines how religion informs a particularly critical social or political concern, such as antisemitism, education, environmental issues, Islam in America, and war. Through an overview essay, chronology, and roughly 50 alphabetically arranged reference entries, the volumes provide concise, objective coverage of the essential elements of the topic discussed. An annotated bibliography closes each book and directs the reader to some of the most important sources of additional information.
Author Info

Jonathan M. Golden, PhD, is director of Drew University's Center on Religion, Culture, and Conflict, where he teaches Comparative Religion, Anthropology, and Conflict Resolution.

Joseph J. McCallister is a teacher of English and language arts at Northern Valley Regional High School, in Demarest, New Jersey, and is a doctoral candidate at Drew University.

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