Projecting Enthusiasm

The Key to Dynamic Presentations for Professionals

by Robert T. Tauber, PhD


Presenters are too often blamed for their underwhelming performances, but your next audience is in luck—enthusiasm is a teachable trait that can be brought to all topics!

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September 2019


Pages 196
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Topics Business/Business Communications

Regardless of your profession as a teacher, doctor, writer, or business associate, every presentation is a performance. To know your material is important, but to project your enthusiasm for the subject is just as vital to engage your audience.

Research supports that presenters who boast an enthusiastic flair best engage, inform, and motivate their audiences. Dr. Robert Tauber uses his expertise to train you in the most effective presentation tools, with a joyful touch.

Delivering a set of performance skills proven to deliver palpable results, Projecting Enthusiasm will teach you how to integrate suspense and surprise, humor, props, voice animation, creative entrances and exits, and more into your next performance. This book won't try to rewrite your speech or bombard you with intimidating critiques. Instead, you will learn that the passion you present gives your message an essential meaning and makes your audience value it as one worth listening to. Projecting Enthusiasm harnesses the exuberant, creative, and informative elements you want to bring to your next presentation and shows you how to do it.


  • Provides a chapter-by-chapter toolkit of performance skills that can be applied immediately
  • Shares accessible, well-researched content written in a conversational style
  • Demonstrates insightful parallels between acting and presenting
  • Offers presentation inspiration using contemporary schools of thought
Author Info

Robert T. Tauber, PhD, is professor emeritus, Penn State Behrend, The Pennsylvania State University, Erie, PA. He is the author of Classroom Management: Sound Theory and Effective Practice. He is well published with nine texts and numerous journal articles. Dr. Tauber has served academic sabbaticals at Durham University, England, and the University of Melbourne, Australia. After retiring, he taught as adjunct professor in the Graduate School at the University of Florida and at Gannon University.



"Those who've mastered the art of giving passionate presentations will want this book pulped. In his breezy, informative style, Dr. Tauber shows just how easy it is to infuse your talks with enthusiasm and spellbind your audience. Don't lend it to your colleagues or they'll finally learn how to match your ratings on the podium!"—Ian Harper, Dean, Melbourne School of Management

"I am very enthusiastic and animated about this new book from Dr. Tauber, an effective "how-to" manual based on research and theory as well as his vast experience as a teacher and presenter. This book covers the gamut of strategies for increasing audience engagement, making it a valuable tool for presenters from all professions and with a wide range of personal styles. The degree of specificity, such as in animation techniques, is exceptional. As a faculty developer, professor, and conference presenter, I will definitely make use of some of the tools contained in the book."—Carolyn Spies, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean Graduate Studies, and Professor of Psychology, Bloomfield College

"To learn something is to remember it. So, the more memorable your presentation, the more likely it is that audience members learn the material. Tauber's Projected Enthusiasm offers evidence based techniques to put more oomph in your presentations, whether at work, a conference, or in the classroom. Great book!"—Eric W. Corty, Director, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Penn State University, The Behrend College

"Robert Tauber has not only identified some of the main behavioral components of enthusiasm, but he also very explicitly shows how these can be successfully learnt. Thus book will be of immense value to anyone keen to improve their presentation skills."—Ramon Lewis, Professor Emeritus, Education, Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia

"Tauber's approach to effective presentations is dead-on, both in its rationale and in the mechanics of making it work.
Required reading for early-career professionals in any field; even experienced presenters will find a wealth of clever new ideas to add to their tool kit. The sheer range of clever ideas that can be easily adopted is amazing, and reminds every speaker not to overlook the many ways to enhance their current presentations. Extremely readable while being authoritative, and enthusiastically—even passionately—encouraging."
—James A. Kurre, PhD, Director Emeritus and Senior Research Associate, Economic Research Institute of Erie

"I had discovered the usefulness of many of the topics discussed in this book during my many decades of collegiate teaching and presentations. How much easier things would have been, for me and my audiences, if I had thsi book when I started my career. This book should be required for anyone who has to give presentations."—George J. Dudas, Lecturer in Computer Science and Software Engineering at Penn State University, The Behrend College

"As a veteran teacher, Dr. Tauber has learned from experience the values of which he speaks in this very readable, focused book. The ideas of many intelligent, informed people literally "fall on deaf ears" when not presented with the enthusiasm that should reveal their passion for their subject matter. Readers in a wide variety of professional fields will find the material comprehensible and immediately useful."—Cathy Sargent Mester, Chair, Department of Communication (retired), Penn State University, The Behrend College

"This book is a resource tool for all professionals when presenting or trying to teach. It is a practical guide urgently needed and a must-read in order to enlighten presentations, to grab the immediate attention of the audience, and to hold that attention so ultimate retention and learning will occur. The book clearly demonstrates how projecting enthusiasm and using proven and established acting skills, results in heightened interest, attention, and positive attitudes to the presentation."
—Joseph Vergona, Ed.D., Adjunct Instructor, Graduate School of Education, Gannon University; Director of Elementary Education, Principal, Classroom Teacher

"This has been the first book about teaching theory that I have enjoyed reading. I loved the tips and the quotations, and the enthusiasm and the joy of teaching was palpable. I truly enjoyed reading Projecting Enthusiasm--it made a refreshing change from other teaching books."—Elizabeth Kennedy, GP and Medical Student Teacher, Australia

"Engaging and written in an easy to read style, this is an invaluable handbook. The detailed Toolkit makes explicit the skills needed to be effective presenter. A wealth of guidance is provided on how to improve and enhance a wide range of skills with a good measure of humour. This book should be essential reading for both new and experienced teachers and presenters."—Maureen Bennett, Retired Teacher, Headteacher, and OFSTED Inspector

"Projecting Enthusiasm is a captivating and enjoyable book that contains a goldmine of information for both seasoned and novice presenters. Projecting Enthusiasm belongs on every presenter's shelf!"—Marilyn Livosky, Professor of Psychology, Mercyhurst University

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