The American Way of Writing

How to Communicate Like a Native at School, at Work, and on the Road

by Steven D. Stark


American English is peppered with references to speed, mobility, frontier, and even guns.

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August 2019


Pages 218
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/Business Communications
  Popular Culture/General
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Explains the uniquely American cultural references that appear in American English for students and professionals to increase their written command of the language.

Language is a window into the soul of a culture. The hardest part for newcomers who want to master American English is not learning the alphabet, grammar, or vocabulary — it's understanding the distinctive way Americans approach the world.

This unique book is aimed at non-native speakers who come to the United States to study, as well as international business and legal professionals who have to work and communicate with Americans in a professional or business context. Understanding what makes Americans uniquely "American" is a challenging subject for anyone to master. Such characteristics are always in flux and a source of constant debate — particularly now, at a moment in the nation's history when the country is so divided. For that reason, this book may also be of interest to Americans, offering a deeper understanding of the ties that bind rather than divide.


  • Clearly presents detailed knowledge of American history and culture for non-Americans, with examples of features of American writing such as short, to-the-point sentences
  • Provides three key takeaways for students and professionals at the end of each chapter
  • Includes chapters on moving from other forms of English, such as Canadian or Australian, to American
  • Features a section with information of specific interest for speakers of other language groups, such as Romantic, Germanic, or Slavic
Author Info

Steven D. Stark is a writer, a teacher, a lawyer, an artist, and a consultant, and author of seven books, including two poetry chapbooks. He has been a commentator for CNN, NPR, and the Voice of America, where his role was to try to interpret American culture to the rest of the world. He has written extensively on American culture and politics in such publications as The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and Atlantic Monthly. Stark is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School.

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