Tech-Savvy Reading Promotion

A Toolbox for Librarians and Other Educators

by Nancy J. Keane


Promote reading with a wealth of accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use technological tools.

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April 2019

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 166
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Children's and Young Adult Programs/Reading Promotion and Literacy
  Children's and Young Adult Services/Readers' Advisory Services

Unleash new possibilities for reading promotion and readers' advisory with these technological tools that can help you to catch the interest of young readers and direct them toward positive reading experiences.

Gone are the days of browsing library bookshelves—today's readers live much of their lives on their devices. Learn how to meet these young readers in their online activities by using technological tools that support independent reading and reading choices.

This book shows you how to use not only more traditional social media such as Facebook and blogs but also video, audio and print applications, databases, and more. You'll learn how to use new apps such as Moovly, Koma Koma, and Booksnaps; well-known media including Twitter, Skype, Flickr, and Goodreads; and Soundcloud, Smore, Flipgrid, and ebook clubs for reading promotion and readers' advisory.

For each of these technologies, you'll find a brief description of the platform, its content and applications, notes about the platform and its cost, how to use it for book promotion, and step-by-step instructions for promotional activities. Screenshots and drawings illustrate the instructions.


  • Introduces users to effective new tools for promoting reading and providing readers' advisory services
  • Helps educators to meet learners in the online environments they frequent
  • Supports independent reading
Author Info

Nancy J. Keane has worked as a school librarian as well as adjunct faculty member at New Hampshire Technical Institute, Plymouth State University, and University of Rhode Island. A passionate proponent of free and independent reading, she teaches workshops around the country and is the author of the award-winning website Booktalks--Quick and Simple (, as well as a number of books, including The Tech-Savvy Booktalker, The Big Book of Children's Reading Lists, and The Big Book of Teen Reading Lists.

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