Documents of the Holocaust

by Lori R. Weintrob


In the armed resistance during the Holocaust, women had a vital role as underground couriers, in forging documents, in collecting funds for weapons, in surveillance operations, and in the uprisings.

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October 2020


Pages 280
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics World History/General
  Military History/Genocide and War Crimes
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Through popular songs, speeches, newspaper articles, diaries, and survivor testimony, this book provides first-hand accounts of the Holocaust. Each document is an outstanding example of an issue central to how the Holocaust came about and why it matters.

The Holocaust was one of the most significant events of the twentieth century. As survivors of that tragedy continue to leave us, it is more important than ever to preserve their testimony and experiences. Through a wide range of primary source documents, this book gives readers first-hand accounts of the Holocaust from different perspectives.

An introduction provides a historical overview of the Holocaust and its lasting significance. A chronology then highlights key events related to the Holocaust. The chapters that follow, each on a different broad topic, present primary source documents related to the Holocaust. These documents are drawn from survivor testimony, newspaper accounts, diaries, speeches, and other sources, and they reflect the perspectives of victims, perpetrators, bystanders, and resisters. Each document is accompanied by an introductory headnote and followed by suggestions for further reading. The book closes with a bibliography of important resources for further study.


  • An introduction overviews the historical background and significance of the Holocaust
  • A chronology highlights key events related to the Holocaust
  • A wide range of primary source documents provides first-hand accounts of different aspects of the Holocaust
  • Introductory headnotes accompanying each document provide important contextual information
  • Suggestions for further reading point users to additional sources of information
Series Description

Eyewitness to History

ABC-CLIO's Eyewitness to History series provides primary documents accompanied by invaluable contextualizing information to help readers understand historical developments, events, and individuals. The books' format allows for a remarkable range of documents that showcase a wide variety of perspectives, including personal narratives, letters, and first-hand accounts; newspaper stories, op-ed pieces, and contemporary reactions and responses; and government and legislative documents, such as laws, speeches, and court testimony.

Each title in the series offers a fascinating documentary history devoted to a significant era, event, or social movement. The carefully curated primary sources give the actual words of people who lived through these past times, empowering today's readers and researchers to consider the topic critically, fairly, and intelligently.
Author Info

Lori R. Weintrob is professor of history and founding director of the Wagner College Holocaust Center. She is coauthor of a play related to the Holocaust and has published several books and articles for academic and general readers. She has curated several exhibits, given numerous presentations, and received several grants to support her scholarly work and community outreach programs.

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