Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

An Encyclopedia

by Gina Robertiello, Editor


Citing scholarly studies and other research, sociologists believe that more than half of American women experience sexual harassment in the workplace.

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October 2020


Pages 423
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Current Events and Issues/Society
  Women's Studies/General
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This authoritative reference work informs readers about the scope, nature, and prevalence of sexual harassment and misconduct in all walks of American life, and how changes in policy, law, and traditional gender dynamics can address the problem.

As revelations of sexual harassment and misconduct roil Hollywood, Washington, DC, and workplaces across the country, these problems are being examined more closely than ever before. This encyclopedia provides interested readers with a comprehensive and authoritative resource to help them understand not only the specific scandals that have erupted across U.S. society these last months, but the historical factors and events that have led to this moment in American history.

The book features entries that illuminate various types of sexual harassment and misconduct (quid pro quo, hostile environment, etc.), explain different classifications of harassers (territorial, predatory, etc.), survey how sexual harassment and misconduct manifest themselves in different settings (workplace, school, military, politics, home, etc.), detail the major cases that have been publicized since the #MeToo Movement gained momentum, and explain various reforms and responses that are being crafted to address deeply entrenched problems of sexism and harassment in American culture.


  • Serves as a go-to source for insight on the relationships between men and women, and the powerful over the powerless
  • Offers information on major turning points and events regarding the treatment of women
  • Helps readers to understand the role of the media in shaping societal views
  • Enables a fuller comprehension of law enforcement in the #MeToo era
  • Covers new mandates and changes in the way victims of harassment, misconduct, abuse, and assault are treated
  • Provides information on movies, television shows, and other popular culture elements that have objectified women
Author Info

Gina Robertiello, PhD, is a full professor in the department of criminal justice at Felician University. She is author of more than thirty-five publications in the areas of policing, domestic violence, restorative justice, and crisis intervention, including two books: Police and Citizen Perceptions of Police Power, focused on understanding demographic and situational characteristics of police-citizen street encounters, and Use and Abuse of Police Power in America (ABC-CLIO/Praeger, 2017), which includes eighty chronologically arranged essays on major turning points and trends in how law enforcement has used its power and authority in American communities.

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