Coding for Preschoolers

Playful Programs for Problem Solving and Skills Development

by Cynthia Hart


Learn to build, implement, and assess successful coding programs for children ages 3–5.

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January 2021

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 180
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Children's and Young Adult Programs/General
  Librarian's Instructional Role/Digital and New Literacies, K-12
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Public and school librarians will learn to create programs that teach preschoolers—who often don't know how to read—computational thinking, coding concepts, and vocabulary through playful activities.

Coding clubs have quickly grown in popularity and are offered at many libraries. This practical book shows how the skills learned through coding are important for even the youngest library patrons. Computer literacy should—and can—be built along with traditional reading skills. Computational thinking and coding can promote development of motor and problem-solving skills, imagination, and perseverance in young children. Coding for Preschoolers teaches librarians how to create engaging, playful coding programs that appeal to children ages 3 to 5 years old.

Readers will find ready-to-use program plans that have been successfully used in a medium-sized public library. Additionally, readers will learn how to integrate both original activities, games such as Bird and Birdhouses, and online resources such as Lightbot to offer developmentally appropriate cognitive and social-emotional experiences. Through the programs, games, and activities shared in this book, even the youngest children will be able to create and learn by coding.


  • Begins with a brief introduction to coding as a new form of literacy, defining concepts and vocabulary
  • Offers practical how-to knowledge for creating successful coding programs
  • Suggests resources to assist planners, including websites, educational games, toys, and activities
  • Includes program plans that incorporate playful, developmentally appropriate activities
Author Info

Cynthia Hart is a public librarian with 30 years of experience. For more than a decade, she managed Virginia Beach Public Library's intranet and internet sites. Her accomplishments include establishing the library's social media presence, coordinating gaming and multimedia projects across the system, and developing and implementing technology tools and training, including coding classes for everyone from preschoolers to adults. She also facilitated VBPL's partnership with Tagwhat, making the library the first in the nation to be included in this mobile app. She is a trend watcher, identifying and writing about emerging technologies.

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