Copyright for Schools

A Practical Guide, 6th Edition

by Carol Simpson and Sara E. Wolf


This newly updated edition explains copyright law as it applies to education.

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October 2020

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 270
Volumes 1
Size 8 1/2x11
Topics Management and Administration/Copyright and Intellectual Property
  Librarianship: Philosophy, Values, and Issues/Ethics
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Copyright for Schools makes legal concepts related to copyright law understandable to educators. A staple on reference shelves, it has now been updated with new court rulings and technology applications.

This updated edition of Copyright for Schools explains copyright law as it applies to education settings clearly and concisely for teachers and school librarians.

Topics new to this edition include copyright implications related to the use of streaming services such as Netflix™ and Pandora™, links to online tools that teachers can use to assist them in making their own daily decisions regarding the use of copyrighted materials, and the implications relating to the use of anonymous internet publishing tools such as Snapchat™ or YikYak™. Other new topics include issues related to disability and how to appropriately respond to cease and desist letters and other legal inquiries.

This edition also adds a concordance in a "Scope and Sequence" table format, so all information related to copyright knowledge is accessible no matter where it resides within the text, and provides links to online tools and resources that can be used to guide users of copyrighted materials in making decisions about how to use them. Still included are the real-world applications and the Q&A sidebars from prior editions.


  • Concordance linking copyright concepts to concepts featured elsewhere in the text
  • Revised and expanded lists of free and licensed materials for use in teaching and learning
  • New chapter discussing issues related to disability
  • New chapter discussing appropriate responses to cease and desist letters and other legal inquiries
  • Links to online tools and resources that can be used to guide users of copyrighted materials in making decisions about how to use them
Author Info

Carol Simpson is a practicing attorney, retired associate professor of library and information science, former school librarian, teacher, and district library administrator. She is author of Copyright Catechism I and II, Copyright for Administrators, and Ethics for School Librarians, as well as editor of Library Media Connection and its predecessors.

Sara E. Wolf is an associate professor at Auburn University. Author of An Instructor's Companion to the Teaching of Copyright (forthcoming), Wolf became interested in copyright more than 25 years ago, and her interest has grown to include speaking, teaching, and institutional policy development activities.

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