Healthy Living at the Library

Programs for All Ages

by Noah Lenstra


Quickly acquire the tools needed to start, run, and sustain movement-based programs in your library.

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February 2020

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 185
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Children's and Young Adult Programs/General
  Adult Services and Programs/General
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From yoga to garden plots, book walks, and bicycles, libraries are developing programs to encourage physical activity. This book is a broad-ranging resource for librarians who want to begin a program or incorporate something new into an existing one.

Libraries increasingly provide movement-based programs for all ages, and Physical Activity in the Library is intended for librarians in all departments who want to offer programs and services that will foster physical activity. Librarians are increasingly organizing 5K fun runs; checking out bicycles, backpacks, and exercise equipment; and participating in local, regional, and national days devoted to health and wellness. When this programming exists, it tends to be highly popular and impactful, bringing new users into the library and generating media attention.

This book is a step-by-step guide to starting, running, and sustaining movement-based programs. The first section suggests steps librarians should take when starting programs. The second section offers detailed instructions for running different types of programs for different ages and abilities. The third section focuses on sustaining programs: How do you keep the momentum going? The book additionally articulates specific challenges or roadblocks that may arise and offers tips on how to overcome these difficulties. The instructions are simple enough to be used by everyone considering adding movement to library programming.


  • Learn how to start, run, and sustain movement-based programs
  • tBe inspired to develop new programs based on the successes of librarians throughout North America
  • Learn how to weave your own personal interests in fitness and exercise into impactful programs at your library
Author Info

Noah Lenstra directs the Let's Move in Libraries initiative from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he is a faculty member of library and information studies. He has served on the Public Library Association's Health Literacy National Advisory Board, and his research on healthy physical activity promotion in public libraries has been published in Library Quarterly, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, and the Journal of Library Administration, among others. He blogs for Public Libraries Online and Programming Librarian.

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