Pop Culture Fandoms

The Who, What, and Why of Global Fan Cultures

by Katherine Larsen, Editor


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August 2020


Pages 333
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Popular Culture/Media, Television, and Radio
  The Arts/General
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This single-volume encyclopedia analyzes a variety of fan cultures, from anime to Star Wars to professional wrestling, and the devoted individuals who participate in them.

It is not uncommon for consumers of popular culture to develop strong emotional attachment to the worlds built in various movies, television shows, books, and songs. Some people, however, become so enthralled with these worlds that they become more than consumers—they become participants. They build and create societies comprised of like-minded individuals whose deep and abiding love of fandom extends into and sometimes disrupts everyday life, resulting in a proliferation of fan cultures in the United States and beyond.

This book details different forms of fandom, analyzing how people participate in each fandom. It also highlights what is unique in each fandom, talks about where fans gather, and shows how fandoms are different from one another. Costumes, rituals, major events, fanfic, and important figures are all covered, giving the reader the full scope of these subcultures. Fifty entries discuss specific fandoms, and ten essays written by fans themselves give readers insider access to these worlds.


  • Presents a diverse perspective on pop culture fandom
  • Includes Inside Perspectives essays written by devoted fans to show first-person, behind-the-scenes details
  • Highlight facts and figures within each entry, giving additional, valuable context to readers
  • Offers images and illustrations to serve as visual references for anyone curious about how specific groups may appear to the world
Author Info

Katherine Larsen teaches courses on fame, celebrity, and fandom in the University Writing Program at George Washington University. She is also the editor of Journal of Fandom Studies.

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