Climate Change Politics and Policies in America

Historical and Modern Documents in Context

by Jerald C. Mast


How is today's era of record-breaking hurricanes, temperatures, and other severe weather events shaping the debate over climate change policy in America?

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November 2018


Pages 601
Volumes 2
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Topics Current Events and Issues/Environment

This collection of primary sources, illuminated by extensive contextual analysis, provides a comprehensive and balanced survey of the evolution of global climate change policies and politics in the United States.

This extensive collection of primary documents examines the history of climate science; various policy prescriptions for addressing the effects of climate change; political fault lines with respect to international efforts to address global warming; claims regarding the influence of industry groups and environmental "radicals" on climate policy and science; and the impact of climate change on other policy areas such as public health, energy, economic development, and wilderness conservation.

The set includes excerpts from important scientific papers and government reports, political speeches from presidents and other influential lawmakers, perspectives from environmental activists and conservative think-tanks, editorial essays from leading media figures, provisions of major laws, and more. Together, these documents provide a broad range of perspectives, from scientific fields as well as from political and ideological standpoints that have emerged in response to the debate surrounding climate change. They offer readers a greater understanding of the arguments not only of lawmakers, activists, and scientists leading efforts to fight, mitigate, and adapt to climate change but also of those skeptical of climate change.


  • Offers more than 100 essential primary documents track the evolution of climate change politics in the United States from the mid-twentieth century to the present
  • Provides a chronological arrangement of chapters for easy understanding
  • Presents original overview essays and document-specific headnotes to contextualize each historical and political primary source
  • Covers scientific studies and reports to explain how they have shaped the trajectory of climate change policymaking in the United States
Author Info

Jerald C. Mast, PhD, is associate professor of political science at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He is author of several book chapters and papers on climate change, biodiversity management, and international environmental politics.



"The work will be useful in many library settings: academic, public, special with emphasis on the environment, climate change dynamics and public policy, and politics. Considering the nature of the subject matter and the length of each included entry, this set should be placed in the general circulating collection."ARBA

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