The Manager's Key to Closing the Commitment Gap

by Marvin R. Gottlieb


For managers of all kinds and at all levels, there is ample opportunity for fostering more productivity through better understanding and application of motivation strategies.

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October 2017


Pages 195
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/Leadership

This book shows managers how to identify opportunities for increasing productivity by enhancing commitment and provides tools for building a high-performing team.

More than ever, senior and frontline managers are tasked with the development and maintenance of highly productive teams—a formidable challenge in all situations. Organizational directives for "lean," highly responsive, change-adaptive workforces have created an environment in which every aspect of productivity must be examined and improved in the quest to meet increasingly competitive global goals. About 30 percent of productivity is lost from knowledge workers who withhold undetected discretionary effort because managers fail to tap into motivation dynamics that impact the level of individual and team commitment. This book gives managers the tools they need to motivate their teams to deliver significantly better results.

Readers of Motivation: The Manager's Key to Closing the Commitment Gap will gain a foundational understanding of motivation from theoretical, experimental, and anecdotal perspectives and identify key areas of potential untapped productivity. The book explores the changing workforce values, economic pressures, and the revised compact between employers and employees that create the commitment gap that results in untapped productivity. Managers will see how to go through a diagnostic and relationship-building process that creates powerful and productive dialogues, resolves conflict, and pinpoints behaviors and identifies tools to build a fully committed, high-performing team.


  • Clearly identifies interpersonal dynamics as the major factor for reducing the "commitment gap" and increasing job satisfaction and productivity
  • Utilizes "real life" scenarios to demonstrate how the supplied blueprints and strategies enable managers to internalize and experiment to impact their own motivational issues
Author Info

Marvin R. Gottlieb, PhD, is president of The Communication Project, Inc., a consulting firm. He has more than 25 years of experience as a management consultant, instructional designer, and facilitator for both private and public sector organizations specializing in organizational development, change management, strategic planning, executive coaching, leadership development, interpersonal dynamics, and the development and delivery of innovative training designs. Gottlieb held the position of associate professor of communications at CUNY Lehman College, where he taught courses in organizational communication, interpersonal communication, presentation skills, and group dynamics for 30 years. His published work includes The Matrix Organization Reloaded: Adventures in Team and Project Management, Managing Group Process, Getting Things Done in Today's Organization: The Influencing Executive, Managing the Workplace Survivors: Organizational Downsizing and the Commitment Gap, and Making Deals: The Business of Negotiating. His website for The Communication Project is



"Written in a conversational style, the book is appropriate for academic or lay audiences. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty."Choice

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