Examining Energy and the Environment around the World

by Bruce E. Johansen


We hear about solar power in the United States a lot. But did you know that it has become a major form of renewable energy in places around the world, including India and Kenya?

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April 2019


Pages 375
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Environment/General
  Current Events and Issues/Environment

This volume addresses ten issues pertaining to energy and the environment, such as climate change, fossil fuels, endangered species, and renewable energy, and examines how these issues are affecting countries around the world.

In the industrial age, first powered by coal and then more often by oil, environmental degradation nearly inevitably followed resource exploitation and energy production. This book examines environmental issues in specific countries around the world as well as solutions some of these countries have discovered in order to help save the environment.

This volume includes 10 chapters, each addressing a specific issue relating to energy and the environment as it pertains to a variety of countries, including toxic chemicals, pollution, deforestation, and climate change. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the issue. Following the chapter introduction, each chapter highlights that issue in eight countries and provides historic perspective. This work provides an overview for high school students and college students at the undergraduate level on 10 important topics that address matters relating to energy and the environment in the 21st century.


  • Provides readers with an understanding of the complexities of environmental and energy issues, which will result in a comprehensive view of the issues certain countries face
  • Allows students to make cross-cultural comparisons about how countries are dealing with issues related to energy and the environment
  • Includes photographs that help to bring the text to life
  • Explains contemporary issues in an overview, allowing student readers to better understand the problems that face our society today
Series Description

Global Viewpoints

The Global Viewpoints series was created to help students gain a better understanding of the issues that are facing our world, comparing nation to nation. Each volume in the series examines 10 critical issues that fall within that particular topic. Each issue opens with a brief background essay to help students better understand why it is important on a global scale, and then investigates how eight countries are challenged by and taking steps to deal with the issue. Students will be able to make cross-cultural comparisons, looking at how various countries are dealing with serious issues such as nuclear weapons, climate change, censorship, literacy, and much more. Directly supporting topics studied in AP Human Geography and AP Comparative Government and Politics, this series is ideal for high school and lower-level undergraduate students.

Author Info

Bruce E. Johansen is Frederick W. Kayser Professor of Communication and Native American Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he has been teaching and writing since 1982. He has authored 47 published books, most recently ABC-CLIO's Climate Change: An Encyclopedia of Science, Society, and Solutions. Johansen holds the University of Nebraska award for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity (ORCA). Johansen's writing has been published, debated, and reviewed in many academic venues. He also writes as a journalist in several national forums, including The Washington Post and The Progressive.

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