Transgender in the Workplace

The Complete Guide to the New Authenticity for Employers and Gender-Diverse Professionals

by Vanessa Sheridan
Foreword by Congressman Mike Quigley


The unemployment rate for gender-diverse persons in the U.S. is twice the national average.

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December 2018


Pages 188
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/Human Resources
  Women's Studies/Business and Labor

Offering a fresh and practical perspective for employers and gender-diverse professionals, this book presents useful tools, information, and resources to help organizations and individuals to understand and leverage the power of gender authenticity as a pathway to business success.

The unemployment rate for gender-diverse individuals is disproportionately high. This book will help employers to better understand why this blatant discrepancy exists. It also provides useful solutions and potential remedies for the problem in the form of gender authenticity, an exciting and powerful concept that is taking the global business community in innovative directions.

The breakthrough paradigm of gender authenticity is helping many organizations to become more inclusive while simultaneously gaining a significant competitive advantage. The author, a leading diversity consultant, introduces five fundamentals for creating gender-authentic workplaces. Human resource and diversity professionals will not find a more useful source than this book to help people and organizations to deal effectively with the issue of gender diversity on the job, and gender-diverse employees will learn new strategies for advancing their careers while achieving and maintaining gender authenticity.


  • Explains the forms and causes of discrimination faced by gender-diverse individuals in the workplace
  • Provides a definition and examples of gender authenticity, the only published resource to articulate the concept of gender authenticity as a powerful tool for enhancing organizational workplace culture
  • Offers five fundamentals for achieving a gender-authentic workplace
  • Presents an entire chapter on recognizing and responding to resistance
Author Info

Vanessa Sheridan is an expert business consultant, a respected author, an in-demand speaker on transgender workplace issues, a highly skilled transgender inclusion/awareness trainer who works with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies across the United States, and a leading national voice for transgender equality and gender authenticity. She is currently director of gender equity and inclusion at Chicago's Center on Halsted, the most comprehensive LGBT community center in the Midwest. Since 1991, Vanessa has helped organizations to successfully enhance their cultural competence through her professional business services. She is author of The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace.

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