Contemporary Parenting and Parenthood

From News Headlines to New Research

by Michelle Y. Janning, Editor


Research shows that parents are less happy than non-parents are and that this "happiness gap" is especially pronounced in the United States.

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November 2018


Pages 328
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Current Events and Issues/Society
  Women's Studies/General
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Headlines from news sources are combined with the latest and best social science research to offer scholars, practitioners, and parents a much-needed source for understanding ontemporary American parenthood.

News and social media headlines abound with contradictory stories about parents, from tales of neglect to fear of helicopter parenting. What readers know about parenting and parenthood can stem from misinformation and oversimplification.

In Contemporary Parenting and Parenthood, a wide variety of contributors share research on topics ranging from international adoption to technology to talking with children about racial issues. Scholars, students, parents, and practitioners alike will find that this book breaks new ground in terms of its timely approach, its spotlight on current topics, and its attention to thinking through exaggerated and conflicting media claims about contemporary parenting. Importantly, the book focuses on both parenting, the lived experiences of parents, and parenthood, the social and cultural construction of parenthood in today’s world, making it a resource for those interested in the truth of the everyday lives of American parents.


  • Includes up-to-date research on parenting topics covered in news stories
  • Incorporates the expertise of editor Michelle Janning, an award-winning teacher and leader in national organizations dedicated to family studies
  • Helps to clarify parenting debates through sociological inquiry, instead of giving advice on how to parent
  • Serves multiple audiences, including students and practitioners in professions working with parent-child relationships, scholars looking for the best new research in the field of parenting and parenthood, and parents who want to understand the larger context in which they operate on a daily basis
  • Offers a range of viewpoints on parenting issues in a clearly organized format
Author Info

Michelle Y. Janning, PhD, is professor of sociology at Whitman College and board member of the Council on Contemporary Families. She teaches and writes about contemporary family life, with a focus on the intersections of family relations and material culture, including technology. She is author of The Stuff of Family Life: How Our Homes Reflect Our Lives. Her research and commentary has been featured in popular print, radio, and television pieces including Wisconsin Public Radio, Real Simple, WCCO (CBS) Television in Minneapolis, the New York Public Library Council's Bytegeist podcast, and The Washington Post.

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