How to Write and Present Technical Information, 4th Edition

by Charles H. Sides


Technology is now a dominant force in professional communications. How does one maximize its impact?

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September 2017


Pages 243
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Science/General
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Thoroughly updated to discuss the use of tools such as Skype and social media, this concise volume shows how effective communication—via written text and spoken presentations—can positively impact project management in professional environments.

Professional communications are the "information product" of all organizations and businesses. Based on that premise, this book offers communications strategies that will benefit any organization that disseminates technical information in-house and/or to customers. The popular work provides easy-to-understand and apply guidelines for designing and writing effective technical documents, as well as other related communications. What makes this new edition especially valuable is that it maintains the quality of information that distinguished the previous editions, but is now updated to encompass current technology and trends, including today's prevalent communication tools such as social media.

The book begins by looking at skills common to all technical writing and offering general advice on designing and writing reports. Next is a discussion of specific types of reports along with common problems and issues writers face. Finally, the work overviews other forms of communications such as professional presentations. The updated material also considers the growing importance of interviews and focus groups as information-gathering tools, the influence of visual rhetoric, and the use of technologies such as Skype and webinars.


  • Maintains the quality of information that has made this text a longtime favorite while featuring significant updates to encompass current technology
  • Provides readers with clear guidelines for designing and writing a wide range of professional documents and associated communications
  • Offers effective strategies for solving communications problems
  • Includes primary source documents that illustrate the advice given
Author Info

Charles H. Sides, PhD, is professor of communication and director of internships for the Department of Communications Media at Fitchburg State University. He is author or editor of numerous books and articles on professional communication, including Freedom of Information in a Post 9-11 World; Internships: Theory and Practice; and The Right to Write: College Communication and the First Amendment. Sides has been executive editor of the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication for 25 years; the editor of the Baywood Technical Communication Series for 20 years; and is now coeditor of the Routledge Series on Technical Communication, Rhetoric, and Culture. He has been a consultant to organizations throughout the United States, the Middle East, and the Far East.



"This well-organized reference book includes excellent writing samples and explains important methods of how to write about technical information. . . . This professional work would be a welcome addition to the reference collection of an academic library."—Booklist Online

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