The World of the Crusades

A Daily Life Encyclopedia

by Andrew Holt


In the post–September 11 world, the medieval crusades have become a hot topic for those seeking to understand the historic relations of the West and the Muslim world.

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June 2019


Pages 827
Volumes 2
Size 7x10
Topics World History/General

Unlike traditional references that recount political and military history, this encyclopedia includes entries on a wide range of aspects related to daily life during the medieval crusades.

The medieval crusades were fundamental in shaping world history and provide background for the conflict that exists between the West and the Muslim world today. This two-volume set presents fundamental information about the medieval crusades as a movement and its ideological impact on both the crusaders and the peoples of the East. It takes a broad look at numerous topics related to crusading, with the goal of helping readers to better understand what inspired the crusaders, the hardships associated with crusading, and how crusading has influenced the development of cultures both in the East and the West.

The first of the two thematically arranged volumes considers topics such as the arts, economics and work, food and drink, family and gender, and fashion and appearance. The second volume considers topics such as housing and community, politics and warfare, recreation and social customs, religion and beliefs, and science and technology. Within each topical section are alphabetically arranged reference entries, complete with cross-references and suggestions for further reading. Selections from primary source documents, each accompanied by an introductory headnote, give readers first-hand accounts of the crusades.


    • Provides a timeline that gives users a quick look at the most significant events related to the crusades
    • Presents topical sections as reference entries on important subjects related to daily life during the crusades
    • Incorporates an introductory essay into each topical section to give readers an overview of the section
    • Offers selections from primary source documents for critical insights into the crusades
    • Features suggestions for further reading and a bibliography
Author Info

Andrew Holt, PhD, is pProfessor of hHistory at Florida State College at Jacksonville. He is the coeditor of Great Events in Religion: An Encyclopedia of Pivotal Events in Religious History, Seven Myths of the Crusades, and Competing Voices from the Crusades.



"High school students, undergraduates, and general readers will find this an invaluable and accessible synthesis of traditional sources and current scholarship."Library Journal

"Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty."Choice

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