Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus

Understanding, Empowerment, and Solutions for College Students

by Eric J. Bailey, PhD, MPH


Resolving the various types of race relations issues that keep occurring on college campuses across the country will require addressing these problems individually and collectively.

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September 2018


Pages 213
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Topics Race and Ethnicity/General
  Current Events and Issues/Ethnicity

Can college students confront race relations issues directly and make positive changes? Yes, they can. This book provides a fresh, practical approach to addressing these issues—individually and collectively—to ignite a positive revolution in race and ethnic relations.

As racial and ethnic incidents continue to occur at college campuses across the nation, an esteemed African American professor who teaches in the heart of a region that has seen some of the most volatile racial incidents in American history breaks the uneasy silence to respond to growing concerns from undergraduate students. In Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus: Understanding, Empowerment, and Solutions for College Students, Eric J. Bailey presents a new approach to addressing and better understanding the major controversial issues associated with race and ethnic relations for today's college students.

This book confronts commonplace race relations issues directly and sets forth a completely different way of addressing these problems that empowers today's college students to take charge and start to effect change—to do something about racially charged conflict rather than to simply talk about it. The chapters describe how race and ethnic relations issues typically arise on college campuses, share insight into how national incidents affect college students' reactions to incidents on their own campus, and identify the negative consequences of poor race relations as well as describe the positive effects of good race relations.


  • Presents brand-new race and ethnic relations solution strategies for college students and universities in the United States
  • Carefully investigates several theoretical frameworks to provide readers with a better understanding of the numerous issues associated with race relations
  • Discusses a number of culturally sensitive topics associated with race and ethnic relations, such as race and intelligence, affirmative action programs, discrimination, Black Lives Matter, and immigration policies
Author Info

Eric J. Bailey, PhD, MPH, is a joint-appointed professor in anthropology and public health at East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. He is also director of the Ethnic and Rural Health Disparities (ERHD) Graduate Certificate Online Program. Bailey's published works include Urban African American Health Care as well as the Praeger titles The New Face of America: How the Emerging Multiracial, Multiethnic Majority Is Changing the United States; The Cultural Rights Movement: Fulfilling the Promise of Civil Rights for African Americans; Black America, Body Beautiful: How the African American Image Is Changing Fashion, Fitness, and Other Industries; Food Choice and Obesity in Black America: Creating a New Cultural Diet; African American Alternative Medicine: Using Alternative Medicine to Prevent and Control Chronic Diseases; and Medical Anthropology and African American Health.

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