The School Library Manager

Surviving and Thriving, 6th Edition

by Blanche Woolls and Sharon Coatney


Managing school libraries is not getting any easier. The good news is that there ARE effective ways to deal with challenges such as budget cutbacks and adopting and implementing new technology.

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November 2017

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 269
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Management and Administration/General
  Management and Administration/Assessment and Evaluation of Services
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This sixth edition of Library Unlimited's classic school library management text describes new approaches to management and addresses the realities that school librarians face in today's quickly evolving information-based world.

In recent years, nearly all school libraries and school librarians have been targeted for having their funding or staffing cut as a result of reductions in school budgets. How does a newly graduated LIS professional prepare for a career in this volatile environment? How do established librarians and administrators prove their value and necessity to decision makers?

This freshly updated edition of The School Library Manager is an invaluable textbook that leads readers through the many essential management tasks and skills required to administer the successful school library program and beyond. It promotes the leadership role of the school librarian in the school and addresses the need for school librarians to provide students with equal access to information. The information presented will not only enable librarians to keep their jobs but also supply specific guidance and inspiration that gives readers the ability to make their positions and libraries undeniably relevant and valuable—and to ensure a path of upward mobility in their LIS careers.


  • Provides information that progresses logically from preparing for the profession, to seeking a job, and to acting and managing in the role of the school librarian
  • Newly updated to offer additional insight into the challenges of leadership in changing school environments and specific information for school administration
  • Addresses and emphasizes the value of school librarians in education and student achievement—information to be shared with school administration in an advocacy appeal
  • Provides several appendixes of additional information
Author Info

Blanche Woolls is director and professor emerita from the iSchool at San Jose State University.

Sharon Coatney is a former school librarian in the award-winning Blue Valley Schools in Kansas and an acquisitions editor for Libraries Unlimited.

Woolls and Coatney are both past presidents of the American Association of School Librarians and both have been awarded AASL's Distinguished Service Award.

Student Resources
Visit the course companion site for The School Library Manager today for access to additional material, including:

• Exclusive video interview with Blanche Woolls about the history of her seminal textbook
• Chapter-by-chapter activities, handouts, and full-text articles for further reading
• A sample course outline with recommended readings
• Bonus material on the development of standards and guidelines for school libraries

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