Popular Fads and Crazes through American History

by Nancy Hendricks


Ouija Board sales soared in 1917 because families were trying to make contact with their loved ones who had died in World War I.

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August 2018


Pages 870
Volumes 2
Size 7x10
Topics Popular Culture/General
  American History/Culture

This informative two-volume set provides readers with an understanding of the fads and crazes that have taken America by storm from colonial times to the present. Entries cover a range of topics, including food, entertainment, fashion, music, and language.

Why could hula hoops and TV westerns only have been found in every household in the 1950s? What murdered Russian princess can be seen in one of the first documented selfies, taken in 1914? This book answers those questions and more in its documentation of all of the most captivating trends that have defined American popular culture since before the country began.

Entries are well-researched and alphabetized by decade. At the start of every section is an insightful historical overview of the decade, and the set uniquely illustrates what today's readers have in common with the past. It also contains a Glossary of Slang for each decade as well as a bibliography, plus suggestions for further reading for each entry. Students and readers interested in history will enjoy discovering trends through the years in such areas as fashion, movies, music, and sports.


  • Presents well-researched, factual material accessibly and engagingly
  • Presents what was popular in each decade through short sidebars
  • Illustrates what today's readers have in common with Americans of the past
  • Includes a historical overview of each decade
  • Contains a Glossary of Slang, a bibliography, and suggestions for further reading on each decade
Author Info

Nancy Hendricks holds a doctorate in education and is an award-winning author whose book Senator Hattie Caraway: An Arkansas Legacy takes a fresh look at Hattie Caraway of Arkansas, the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate. Her other books include ABC-CLIO's America's First Ladies: The Remarkable Women of the White House. She received the Pryor Award for Arkansas Women's History; the Arkansas Governor's Arts Award' the Women in American History Award, presented by National Society Daughters of the American Revolution' and the White House Millennium Award.



"This extremely browsable, entertaining title is a pithier option to the Time-Life 'Decades' series and will appeal to trivia fans as well as those desiring to relive the past's fun, unusual, or influential fads and activities."Library Journal, Starred Review

"With its clear and concise writing style, this is an excellent addition to high school and academic libraries serving beginning students in American Studies and twentieth-century American history."ARBA

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