Leading in the New Academic Library

by Becky Albitz, Christine Avery, and Diane Zabel, Editors


"Leadership" isn't just a buzzword; it's a critical competency for anyone looking to achieve success in the academic library's evolving culture and environment.

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May 2017

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 195
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Management and Administration/General
  Librarianship: Philosophy, Values, and Issues/Leadership

Providing perspectives of practitioners who are early- and mid-career librarians as well as highly seasoned professionals, this book offers invaluable advice regarding leadership that will help academic librarians of all experience levels to surmount the confounding issues they face and to overcome new challenges.

Academic libraries and librarianship have dramatically evolved in recent years—in everything from their collections and facilities to their relationships with faculty and internal and external partners. These changes demand different mindsets and new skills on the part of librarians. This book explains how the quality of leadership is the key component of successfully implementing innovative service and practices—and as a result, of the success of the library itself. To that end, it offers practical guidelines for implementing leadership principles and achieving success in this evolving culture.

Coedited by a team of three highly experienced academic librarians, Leading in the New Academic Library gives actionable advice regarding subjects like helping staff gain new competencies, leading from the middle, and succession planning. The content also addresses hot topics such as the academic library's new role, the integration of IT into library organization and infrastructure, making data-driven decisions, renovating a library space to meet changing user needs, and collaborating with internal as well as external partners.


  • Introduces academic librarians and students to key management issues and provides effective ways to address them
  • Demonstrates how qualities of leadership can be cultivated for career success
  • Provides up-to-date guidance on leadership skills as they apply in the academic library setting, skills which may not be covered in traditional textbooks for courses in library management and academic librarianship
Author Info

Becky Albitz, MLS, EdD, is director of the James A. Cannavino Library at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Christine Avery is senior director of Commonwealth Campus Libraries and Strategic Projects, The University Libraries, Penn State University.

Diane Zabel is the Benzak Business Librarian and head of the Schreyer Business Library at Penn State University.

Albitz, Avery, and Zabel are coeditors of Libraries Unlimited's Rethinking Collection Development and Management.

Table of Contents

CONTENTS Acknowledgments Introduction Becky Albitz, Christine Avery, and Diane Zabel

  • Chapter 1: The Academic Library's New Role Robert E. Fox Jr.
  • Chapter 2: Libraries and IT: The Merged Road Ahead Christina Bell and Andrew W. White
  • Chapter 3: Data-Driven Decision Making David McCaslin
  • Chapter 4: Academic Libraries Reimagined: How Facilities are Changing to Support New Services Joseph Fennewald
  • Chapter 5: Renovating an Entire Library to Meet the Changing Needs of Users David Pilachowski
  • Chapter 6: The Inmates are Running (Parts Of) the Asylum: New Roles and Opportunities for Support Staff in Academic Libraries J. Christopher Holobar and James A. Jamison
  • Chapter 7: The Generalist in the Small College Library Ana Noriega
  • Chapter 8: New Ways of Working: Flexible Work Arrangements in Academic Libraries Lauren Reiter and Diane Zabel
  • Chapter 9: Better Together: Cultivating Library—Campus Collaborations Harriet Lightman and Marianne Ryan
  • Chapter 10: Strategic Collaboration: If You Want to Go Far, Go Together Barbara I. Dewey
  • Chapter 11: Looking Behind the Curtain: Perspectives of an Executive Search Consultant Matt Bunting
  • Chapter 12: Leadership Development for Early Career Librarians Mark A. Puente
  • Chapter 13: Establishing the Diversity Alliance: Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing Librarians from Underrepresented Groups Jon E. Cawthorne, Lori Hostuttler, Martha Yancey, Ashleigh D. Coren, Lisette Hernández, and Chanelle Pickens
  • Chapter 14: Leading from the Middle and Moving Up—Advice for Mid-Career Librarians Who Want to Move Up the Organization Pixey Anne Mosley
  • Chapter 15: Leading from the Middle: Mid-Career Librarians Who Step in to Take Charge as Needed Jennie Levine Knies
  • Chapter 16: Leading for Your Replacement—Succession Planning Anne Langley
  • Index About the Editors and Contributors



    "Leading in the New Academic Library provides a productive overview of common leadership challenges coupled with sound advice on facing these situations. This title is recommended for early and mid-career librarians interested in pursuing administrative roles."ARBAonline

    "The book is a good start for librarians interested in learning more about the issues current leaders face in the academic library. Even for existing leaders, there are interesting takes on the use of space and ways to encourage leadership development among existing managers. . . . This book does a good job of illuminating some of the more nuts-and-bolts issues facing academic libraries currently and in the years to come."College & Research Libraries

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