Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions

Faith and Culture across History

by Susan de-Gaia, Editor


As creators and sustainers of culture, women have always shaped world religions and are at the forefront of changes in religions today.

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November 2018


Pages 863
Volumes 2
Size 7x10
Topics Religion/Gender
  Women's Studies/General
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This reference offers reliable knowledge about women's diverse faith practices throughout history and prehistory, and across cultures.

Across the span of human history, women have participated in world-building and life-sustaining cultural creativity, making enormous contributions to religion and spirituality. In the contemporary period, women have achieved greater equality, with more educational opportunities, female role models in public life, and opportunities for religious expression than ever before. Contemporaneously with this increased visibility, women are actively and energetically engaging with religion for themselves and for their communities.

Drawing on the expertise of a range of scholars, this reference chronicles the religious experiences of women across time and cultures. The book includes sections on major religions as well as on spirituality, African religions, prehistoric religions, and other broad topics. Each section begins with an introduction, followed by reference entries on specialized subjects along with excerpts from primary source documents. The entries provide numerous suggestions for further reading, and the book closes with a detailed bibliography.


  • Provides an introductory overview of the religious experiences of women across time, faiths, and cultures
  • Devotes sections to particular religions traditions to provide information about the role of women within those faiths
  • Offers reference information about the experiences of women within religions
  • Directs the user to additional print and digital information resources via suggestions for further reading and an end-of-work bibliography
  • Presents excerpts from primary source documents for first-hand accounts of the religious experiences of women
Author Info

Susan de-Gaia, PhD, is lecturer in religious studies at Central Michigan University, Global Campus. Her work focuses on gender and feminist studies, religion, and popular culture.

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