The Art and Craft of Motion Pictures

25 Movies to Make You Film Literate

by Vincent LoBrutto


As the art form of motion pictures enters its second century, great directors continue to revolutionize cinema with innovative film techniques.

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August 2019


Pages 286
Volumes 1
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Topics Popular Culture/Film
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This volume can rightfully be called "a film school in a single book." Investigating and analyzing the elements and concepts of motion picture creation, this book looks closely at 25 films that represent a wide range of styles and subjects

Although most motion picture viewers have seen numerous movies in their lifetime, few in the general public have a firm and deep understanding of how motion pictures are created, or a grasp of the intricacies of cinematic storytelling and content. By presenting 25 films, American and international, Hollywood and independent, this book educates and enlightens readers about the details of the motion picture creation process.

Some readers will have viewed certain films in the volume, but many will be introduced to major cinematic works within the canon of great and essential films for the very first time. Topics explored include animation, period films, editing, directorial style, and non-linear cinematic structure. Readers will learn about the origin of the jump cut in Breathless, time and space in Hiroshima Mon Amour, and the editing in Orson Welles's essay film F is for Fake. The Art and Craft of Motion Pictures: 25 Movies to Make You Film Literate will educate the novice and avid moviegoer alike about the inner workings of this dynamic, popular, and culturally significant art form.


  • Examines films for both content and aesthetics, showing readers how to analyze film with a critical eye
  • Arms readers with an understanding of how films interact with other aspects of cinema and related disciplines and fields
  • Shows how filmmaking techniques are used to both tell stories and invoke reactions from viewers
  • Explains how great directors have revolutionized the art of filmmaking
Author Info

Vincent LoBrutto has been an instructor of editing, film history, and other courses at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan since 1993. Selected publications include Martin Scorsese: A Biography, Becoming Film Literate: The Art and Craft of Motion Pictures, and The Encyclopedia of American Independent Filmmaking. He has extensive media experience on television and radio and is former editor of CinemaEditor magazine. LoBrutto is the recipient of the Robert Wise Award for journalistic illumination of the art of editing, from the American Cinema Editors.

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