Guided Inquiry Goes Global

Evidence-Based Practice in Action

by Lee FitzGerald
Foreword by Ross J. Todd


Guided inquiry (GI) has gained acceptance in education systems around the world, but its implementation still presents challenges. This book helps teacher librarians simplify the process and implement GI successfully.

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December 2018

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Pages 138
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Adult Services and Programs
  Librarian's Instructional Role/General

This book places guided inquiry in the context of curricular and technological change and provides guidelines for building the long-term culture and capacity for effective inquiry learning in schools.

Across the world's education systems, many schools are moving to inquiry learning. However, making inquiry learning work requires effective collaboration in schools and resolving the conflict between teaching 21st-century skills while also adhering to content-heavy syllabuses and meeting accountability standards.

In Guided Inquiry Goes Global: Evidence-Based Practice In Action, author Lee FitzGerald—a teacher librarian with 25 years' experience, in both primary and secondary schools, and who has experimented with the developing practice for more than 10 years—places guided inquiry (GI) in an international context of curricular and technological change. She provides an essential and succinct background on GI; explains where it fits in the curriculum; and provides practical guidance in creating GI tasks, operating GI tasks in real-world teaching situations, and overcoming barriers to successful implementation of guided inquiry.

You'll gain insight into the evidence for the effectiveness of GI, understand how students interpret and use the GI process, grasp the critical teaching role of the teacher librarian in GI, and appreciate the value of collaboration in making GI work for you and your students. The final chapters of the book identify ways of dealing with common "roadblocks" along the path to acceptance of GI that were developed from interviews with practicing teacher librarians in Australia, France, Sweden, and the United States.


  • Supplies practical and detailed guidelines for implementing guided inquiry and breaking down barriers to its successful implementation
  • Presents recent research-based evidence for student internalization and transfer of GI process
  • Explains how to build the long-term culture and capacity for inquiry learning in schools, providing an unprecedented examination of this key topic in a book-length format
Author Info

Lee FitzGerald is a lecturer in the Teacher Librarianship Master's program in the Information Studies Department of Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia. She has had a long career as a teacher librarian in primary and secondary school libraries, both independent and public. She has a passion for school libraries and teacher librarianship as well as a strong interest in guided inquiry as an emerging pedagogy. FitzGerald is a long-time advocate of the teaching role of the teacher librarian, especially as it is facilitated by inquiry learning. She is also interested in applying evidence-based practice to confirm the growth of deep learning through inquiry. FitzGerald documents some of her work in guided inquiry at

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