Chechnya's Terrorist Network

The Evolution of Terrorism in Russia's North Caucasus

by Elena Pokalova


Threats from the Caucasus Emirate included the intention to derail Olympic games in Sochi.

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February 2015


Pages 259
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Security Studies/Terrorism
  Current Events and Issues/International

This expert's view into the strategic directions, tactics, leaders, and significant attacks connected to Chechen and North Caucasus terrorists examines the network's operations as well as the success of Russia's counterterrorist responses.

This authoritative account traces the emergence of terrorism in the volatile region of the North Caucasus from its origins in the early 1990s through the present day. It presents a detailed examination of local and global counterterrorism strategies—everything from military force, to diplomacy, to politicization—providing valuable insight into effective methods for fighting terrorism here and around the world.

This candid work uncovers the roots of Russian terrorism and provides a historical overview of the conditions that advanced terrorism and its unprecedented warfare practices, including radioactive attacks and suicide attacks by women. Author and native Russian speaker, Elena Pokalova, analyzes prominent terrorist groups such as Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade, Riyad us-Saliheyn Martyrs' Brigade, and Special Purpose Islamic Regiment, and reveals the regional and global influence of the Caucasus Emirate on the movement.


  • Discusses different strands of terrorist movements that emerged over time in the North Caucasus
  • Includes tables, maps, and charts to help support content and reinforce visual learning
  • Analyzes the significance of the jihadi ideology in the North Caucasus
  • Examines the structural dynamics behind terrorist attacks over time
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Author Info

Elena Pokalova, PhD, is an assistant professor of international security studies at the College of International Security Affairs of the National Defense University. Her published works include numerous articles in scholarly publications and book reviews. She holds a doctoral degree in political science from Kent State University.



"[A]n impressive study of terrorism in Chechnya after the breakup of the Soviet Union. . . . Recommended. All readership levels."Choice

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