by Antonio Luciano de Andrade Tosta and Eduardo F. Coutinho, Editors


Brazil will host the 2016 Summer Olympics—the first ever held in South America.

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December 2015


Pages 414
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Geography and World Cultures/Countries and Regions
  World History/Culture

Ideal for high school and undergraduate students, this one-stop reference explores everything that makes up modern Brazil, including its geography, politics, pop culture, social media, daily life, and much more.

Home to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games—and one of the world's fastest-growing economies—Brazil is quickly becoming a prominent player on the international stage. This book captures the essence of the nation and its people in a unique, topically organized volume. Narrative chapters written by expert contributors examine geography, history, government and politics, economics, society, culture, and contemporary issues, making Brazil an ideal one-stop reference for high school and undergraduate students.

Coverage on religion, ethnicity, marriage and sexuality, education, literature and drama, art and architecture, music and dance, food, leisure and sport, and media provides a comprehensive look at this giant South American country—the largest nation in Latin America as well as the fifth largest nation in the world. Students will be engaged by up-to-the-minute coverage of topics such as daily life, social media, and pop culture in Brazil. Sidebars and photos highlight interesting facts and people, while a glossary, a chart of holidays, and an annotated bibliography round out the work.


  • Provides a one-stop reference for students of geography, world cultures, anthropology, social studies, current events, and Latin American studies
  • Differs from other works in that it combines coverage of the geography, history, politics, and economy of Brazil with entries on society, culture, and contemporary issues
  • Includes a Facts and Figures section and Holidays chart that provides readers with a quick overview of Brazil
  • Covers hot, new topics such as social media, Internet use, and consumer culture
Series Description

Nations in Focus

How did Poland and Slovakia avoid a GDP recession during the worldwide financial crisis of 2007–08—the only two member nations of the European Union to do so? What are the historic origins of the ongoing strife and tension in the Middle East, and what new developments and factors are adding to the discord in the 21st century? How are the lives of the Chinese people changing as China rapidly expands its economy and its international role? Students, travelers, business people, and policymakers have questions like these. ABC-CLIO’s Nations in Focus provides the answers.

Titles within ABC-CLIO’s Nations in Focus collection provide fascinating and informative portraits of nations large and small that play key roles in global and regional affairs.

ABC-CLIO’s groundbreaking Nations in Focus explores many of the world's most intriguing and important countries, combining fascinating details with an insider’s eye for defining characteristics. The series helps students, business people, and travelers understand the richness and complexity of each individual country—and appreciate its key role in the global community.

Nations in Focus brings readers up to date with each nation’s history, geography, politics, economics, and contemporary issues. Offering unprecedented coverage on economic, cultural, and societal topics, the volumes provide analysis on issues of ethnicity, religion, gender, and education, as well as leisure, sports, and popular culture. The depth of content is complemented by a richly illustrated format that helps bring the topic to life.


  • Helps build a deeper understanding of countries that play major regional and global roles
  • Counters common myths and misconceptions with in-depth, factual materials that convey the richness and complexity of each country
  • Provides a context for understanding the everyday life of people in foreign countries that is essential for students and others seeking to learn more about the world's nations


  • A series of narrative chapters on history, geography, politics, society, culture, and more
  • A chronology of key historical developments up to the present
  • Sidebars on key biographies, places, and events
  • A Facts and Figures section providing statistical data on a variety of important topics
  • Information on culturally significant holidays and events
  • More than 100 photographs per title
  • A directory of business, cultural, government, and tourist organizations
  • An annotated bibliography of key print and nonprint resources
  • Glossary sections defining important terms and concepts
Author Info

Antonio Luciano de Andrade Tosta, PhD, is assistant professor of Brazilian literature and culture at the University of Kansas. He has published widely on Brazilian and Brazilian-American literature and film in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. Tosta coedited Luso-American Literature: Writings by Portuguese-Speaking Authors in North America and his manuscript Confluence Narratives: Ethnicity, History, and Nation Making in the Americas is currently under review by a U.S. university press. He received his doctorate from Brown University.

Eduardo F. Coutinho, PhD, is professor of comparative literature at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been a visiting professor at several universities both in Latin America and abroad, including the University of Illinois (Urbana/Champaign). His publications include The "Synthesis" Novel in Latin America: A Study on Joa~o Guimara~es Rosa's Grande sertao: veredas; Em busca da terceira margem; Literatura Comparada: textos fundadores, ed. with T. Carvalhal; Cânones e contextos, ed. (3 volumes); Literatura Comparada na América Latina; Beyond Binarisms, ed. (3 volumes); and Literatura Comparada: reflexões. He received his doctorate from the University of California-Berkeley.



"Overall, a useful and handy guide. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates; general readers."—Choice

Top Community College Resource, September 2016—Choice

"This work provides insightful background on a complex, emerging nation."—Library Journal

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