Capital Cities around the World

An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture

by Roman Adrian Cybriwsky

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May 2013


Pages 367
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Geography and World Cultures/General

This informative resource is a fascinating compilation of the history, politics, and culture of every capital city from around the world, making this the only singular reference on the subject of its kind.

Every country, even the world's youngest nations, has a capital city—a centralized location which houses the seat of government and acts as the hub of culture and history. But, what role do capital cities play in the global arena? Which factors have influenced the selection of a municipal center for each nation? This interesting encyclopedia explores the topic in great depth, providing an overview of each country's capital—its history and early inhabitants, ascension to prominence, infrastructure within the government, and influence on the world around them. The author considers the culture and society of the area, discussing the ethnic and religious groups among those who live there, the major issues the residents face, and other interesting cultural facts.

Capital Cities around the World: An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture features the capital cities of 200 countries across the globe. Organized in alphabetical order by country, each profile combines social studies, geography, anthropology, world history, and political science to offer a fascinating survey of each location.


  • Includes city maps and photos for visual reinforcement
  • Offers a cross-disciplined perspective on the topic, covering history, geography, anthropology, and world history
  • Explains why some countries have multiple capitals
  • Reveals fun facts and interesting statistics in informative sidebars
Author Info

Roman Adrian Cybriwsky, PhD, is professor of geography and urban studies at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. His published works include Historical Dictionary of Tokyo; Roppongi Crossing: The Demise of a Tokyo Nightclub District and the Reshaping of a Global City; and Tokyo: The Shogun's City at the 21st Century. Cybriwsky holds a doctorate in geography from The Pennsylvania State University.



"Capital Cities of the World offers a current and concise introduction to the capital cities of the world. This is a source best suited to public and school libraries."Reference Reviews

"The introduction features six tables that provide excellent data on various aspects of the capital cities. . . . This book's uniqueness resides in these tables, which do provide a very accessible ready-reference set of data. Summing Up: Recommended."Choice

"A fascinating lens by which to view and understand world cultures."Library Journal

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