A Worldwide Encyclopedia

by Cenap Çakmak, Editor


Many Western views on Islam and Muslims stem from false assumptions or biases.

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May 2017


Pages 1813
Volumes 4
Size 7x10
Topics Religion/Comparative
  World History/Religion

This expansive four-volume encyclopedia presents a broad introduction to Islam that enables learning about the fundamental role of Islam in world history and promotes greater respect for cultural diversity.

One of the most popular and widespread religions in the world, Islam has attracted a great deal of attention in recent times, particularly in the Western world. With the ongoing tensions in the Middle East and a pervasive sense of hostility toward Arab Americans, there is ever increasing need to examine and understand Islam as a religion and historical force. Islam: A Worldwide Encyclopedia provides some 700 entries on Islam written by expert contributors that cover the religion from the birth of Islam to the present time. The set also includes 16 pages of color images per volume that serve to illustrate the diverse expressions of this important religious tradition.

Each entry begins with a basic introduction, followed by a general discussion of the subject and a conclusion. Each entry also features a further readings list for readers. In addition to supplying a comprehensive, authoritative overview of Islam, this work also specifically addresses many controversial related issues, including jihad, violence in Islam, polygamy, and apostasy.


  • Comprises concise, jargon-free entries written by experts in their fields, providing readers with accurate viewpoints that cut through the bias and controversies regarding most Islamic concepts
  • Supplies an authoritative introduction of Islam to Western readers that addresses the subject from historical, geographical, conceptual, and personal perspectives
  • Provides students with a current bibliography
  • Features color inserts with 16 pages of compelling images from Islam around the world in each volume
Author Info

Cenap Çakmak, PhD, is professor of international law and politics at Eskiisehir Osmangazi University, Eskiisehir, Turkey. His research interests include international criminal law, human rights, and international affairs. During his stay at Asser as visiting scholar, Çakmak worked on the initial parts of a project on Islam and law of armed conflict. The author of several books and articles on international criminal law and international affairs, Çakmak will complete his work on how to reconceptualize Jihad in light of modern international humanitarian law at Max Planck Institute, Heidelberg, Germany, in 2015.



"Where the encyclopedia really shines is its coverage of ethical and religious topics, like Adultery, Eternity, Inspiration, Medical ethics, and Modesty. Numerous entries focus on Islamic worship (e.g., Alms, Fasting, Ramadan) and much miscellanea (e.g., Westernization, Architecture, Burqa, Islamophobia, Extremism). Supplementing all this is a photo section in each volume, containing more than 20 full-color photos that are referenced throughout, as well as a thorough bibliography and lengthy index."Booklist

"Libraries in the market for a current one or those collecting comprehensively will find it useful. Summing Up: Recommended. High school through undergraduate students; general readers."Choice

"Scholarly contributors, traditional and progressive, provide substantial entries; ethics, doctrines, and individuals dominate. The article on feminism and the general 'Islam' entry, among others, are excellent."Library Journal

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