Encyclopedia of the American Indian Movement

by Bruce E. Johansen

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April 2013


Pages 362
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Race and Ethnicity/American Indian Studies

A vivid description of the people, events, and issues that forever changed the lives of Native Americans during the 1960s and 1970s—such as the occupation of Alcatraz, fishing-rights conflicts, and individuals such as Clyde Warrior.

Rising out of more than a century of poverty and pervasive repression, stoked by the example of the movement against the Vietnam War and the upheaval among black and Chicano civil-rights activists, the American Indian Movement shifted the debate over "the Indian problem" to a new level. Many Native peoples also took a stand for fishing rights, land rights, and formed resistance to coal and uranium mining on tribal land. This work tells the story of that movement, and provides the first encyclopedic treatment of this subject.

Providing a vital documentation of a controversial and often surprising period in American Indian history, Bruce E. Johansen, an accomplished scholar and authority on Native American history, provides more than descriptions of historic events and careful analysis; he also frames what occurred in the American Indian Movement personally and anecdotally, drawing from individual stories to illustrate larger trends—and to ensure that the material is appealing to high school students, university-level readers, and general readers alike.


    • Compares American Indian content to Black, Latino, and Asian civil-rights movements at the same historical era
    • Relates the activities of the American Indian Movement to those of many regional groups that were active at the same time
    • Draws connections between activities in the 1960s and 1970s to outcomes today, such as a ban on Navajo uranium mining, development of reservation infrastructure, and reclamation of many Native languages
Author Info

Bruce E. Johansen is Jacob J. Isaacson University Research Professor in communication and Native American studies at University of Nebraska at Omaha, having worked there since 1982. His published work includes 37 books, mainly in Native American studies and on environmental subjects, including Greenwood's The Encyclopedia of Global Warming Science and Technology, Praeger's Global Warming in the 21st Century, and as coeditor of ABC-CLIO's four-volume Encyclopedia of American Indian History.



"The volume is well organized and covers an area that has previously received little discussion or researched coverage. . . . Recommended for all libraries; coverage is such that it will be valuable for schools and public libraries as well as academic collections."Booklist

"Fills a gap in the literature for student interested in learning more about the people, events, and issues that affected the lives of American Indians during the 1960s and 1970s. . . . This encyclopedia is recommended for undergraduate collections and for high school libraries."ARBA

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