Greek Warfare

From the Battle of Marathon to the Conquests of Alexander the Great

by Lee L. Brice, Editor


From the start of the Greco-Persian Wars in the 5th century BCE to the conquests of Alexander the Great some 200 years later, these ancient conflicts had long-term military, political, and societal impacts. By carefully examining the key individuals and groups, major wars, significant battles and sieges, and ideologies of early Greece, the foundations of Western civilization become clear.

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October 2012


Pages 308
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Military History/Conflict and Wars

This book brings together reference material and primary source documents concerning the most important people, places, events, and technologies of Classical Greek warfare in one easy-to-use volume—an invaluable resource for students, educators, and general readers interested in this compelling subject.

Greek Warfare: From the Battle of Marathon to the Conquests of Alexander the Great is a unique reference book that examines warfare in ancient Greece during the Classical era between 490 and 323 BCE.

This easy-to-use, multi-format handbook provides a range of tools for investigating the military history of Classical Greece, including a timeline, reference entries, selected primary source documents, charts, and a glossary. The accessible reference entries illuminate all of the most important topics and issues within Classical Greek warfare, while the book's logical organization allows students, educators, and general readers alike to quickly find the specific information they seek. The comprehensive bibliography serves as a perfect gateway to additional resources on the subject.


  • Charts present at-a-glance statistical information
  • Maps depict important battles and the political delineation of Greece at different time periods
  • Numerous illustrations of important people, events, and technologies help bring history to life


  • Reflects the most recent research
  • Presents material in an easy-to-use, ready-reference format
  • Highlights only the most useful information for readers who are completely unfamiliar with the topic
  • Provides valuable information and encourages critical thinking through primary-source documents
Author Info

Lee L. Brice, PhD, is professor of history at Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL, where he has taught for eight years since completing his doctorate at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is coeditor of Recent Directions in the Military History of the Ancient World and author of articles on Philip II and Alexander the Great of Macedon, Octavian Caesar of Rome, the coins of Greek Corinth, and the Roman army in film. Brice is currently working on a study of mutiny in the ancient world.



"This is a small but highly usable and readable encyclopedia for novice enthusiasts and lay researchers."Choice

"This is an easy-to-use handbook for those interested in learning more about the military history of classical Greece and would be an excellent addition to an academic library at a university with an archaeology or classics program."Booklist

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