The Inner World of Money

Taking Control of Your Financial Decisions and Behaviors

by Marty Martin


According to a 2008 American Psychological Survey, the number one source of stress in American life is money, and that anxiety can only be deepening in the face of crashing markets, shrinking portfolios, disappearing jobs, and a sense that even the smart people in the financial world aren't as smart as we thought.

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April 2012


Pages 212
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/Finance, Investments and Banking

Unlike most guidebooks for improving personal finances, this breakthrough work helps readers defeat the often debilitating anxieties over money that can affect financial decision-making.

For more than a decade, psychologist and business professor Marty Martin has helped hundreds of people around the globe overcome the psychological barriers to developing a healthier relationship with their money. With The Inner World of Money: Taking Control of Your Financial Decisions and Behaviors, Martin puts his practical, proven tools for effective earning, saving, spending, and investing in your hands.

Bookstores are full of titles on improving personal finances, but none focus on the often debilitating worries that can lead to poor money habits. The Inner World of Money addresses those worries head-on with time-tested strategies for dealing with bill-paying, personal debt, splurge spending, investment, and household budgets. Going beyond simply explaining bonds, stocks, CDs, and mutual funds, Martin provides genuine, life-changing support based on the latest advances in neuroeconomics, evolutionary psychology, positive psychology/happiness studies, sustainability, socially responsible investing, and behavioral finance, an emerging science combining the best of finance and psychology.


  • Self-assessments that help readers understand the current state of their personal finances
  • Checklists that break down strategies into easy-to-follow steps
  • Exercises to help drive home important ideas
  • Tip sheets for avoiding common financial misunderstandings and pitfalls
  • Real-life examples that show the effectiveness of the author's approach with actual people


  • Offers five simple rules for breaking down the complexities of making, saving, and investing money
  • Shows how to take personal responsibility for your own financial life and well-being
  • Gives readers a way to discuss money with their children and prepare them for financial independence and well-being
  • Helps readers make wise money decisions and increase one's financial literacy
Author Info

Marty Martin, PhD, is associate professor in the College of Commerce at DePaul University and financial psychologist/advisor at Aequus Wealth Management Resources, Chicago, IL. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Rutgers University and later a master's degree in personal financial planning from the College for Financial Planning, Greenwood Village, CO. An internationally known speaker on the psychology of personal finance, Martin has published more than 50 academic articles and several book chapters.

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