The Secret Reasons Why Teachers Are Not Using Web 2.0 Tools and What School Librarians Can Do about It

by Peggy Milam Creighton


Despite the substantial efforts that have been made to bring schools into the 21st century, research indicates that the integration of technology into education is incomplete. In many schools, teachers are still not integrating technology into instruction; some are not using Web 2.0 at all. School librarians must also be involved in getting our schools up to speed with current technology.

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April 2012


Pages 71
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Educational Technology and Instructional Design/General
  Librarian's Instructional Role/Curriculum and Instruction, K-12

School librarians need a simple action plan for overcoming the barriers to adopting School Library 2.0. This book provides one, and describes how fully integrating technology would dramatically benefit 21st-century schools.

Web 2.0 and its associated tools have the power to substantially increase student achievement. This book has two straightforward primary purposes: to detail the research-based reasons classroom teachers fail to incorporate Web 2.0 tools into their instruction and collaboration with other educators; and to provide actionable strategies to rectify these omissions.

The Secret Reasons Why Teachers Are Not Using Web 2.0 Tools and What School Librarians Can Do about It provides authoritative definitions of Web 2.0, explains the types of Web 2.0 tools suited for use in educational settings, examines the research-based reasons they are underutilized, and offers strategies for school librarians to model the use of technology-enabled tools—and for teaching others to do so. This book will benefit anyone wishing to effect a positive social change in improving student achievement: practicing K–12 librarians and educators, K–12 school and district administrators, and researchers in the field of K–12 education.


  • Figures illustrating pertinent research statistics
  • Screenshots of Web 2.0 tools appropriate for educational settings
  • Links to suggested Web 2.0 tools for teachers and librarians
  • Handouts for school librarians to use with staff


  • Identifies the best Web 2.0 tools for practicing school library media specialists
  • Details the research-based reasons some teachers are not integrating technology into instruction and explains the root causes for this avoidance
  • Provides an action plan for school librarians to serve as social change agents in their own schools and districts
Author Info

Peggy Milam Creighton, PhD, is a writer, speaker, and educator with an interest in educational technology. She is currently a school library media specialist in Atlanta, GA. Creighton's published works include Libraries Unlimited's National Board Certification in Library Media: A Candidate's Journal and Linworth's InfoQuest: A New Twist on Information Literacy.

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